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Episode 62

by Amy McNulty,

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All hell breaks loose in the Hidden Leaf as the Chunin exams come to an abrupt and destructive halt. No sooner does Boruto have time to process his disqualification than the Otsutsukis arrive on the scene and proceed to level the entire stadium. As Momoshiki reveals, the trio wishes to extract Naruto's immensely powerful chakra and use it to replant the Divine Tree. After Mitsuki fails to take down Urashiki, Gaara and Chojuro take on the franchise's newest villain and are able to prompt a temporary retreat. Meanwhile, Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and Sarada face off against Momoshiki and Kinshiki. As a parallel to Boruto's use of the Shinobi Gauntlet, it's revealed that the Otsutsukis simply steal techniques from opponents and convert them into pills. (A practice Naruto compares to doping.) Ready to bring the fight to an end, Momoshiki launches a massive projectile at the group, prompting Naruto to call forth Kurama's aura. Realizing that destroying the projectile would decimate the surrounding area, the Seventh elects to bear the brunt of the attack. Confronted with the very real possibility of losing his dad, Boruto can do nothing but reflect on all the good times they've shared as he watches the chaos unfold.

Like this arc's earlier installments, episode 62 adeptly blends footage from the preceding feature film with original material. As an added bonus, this week's additions help smooth out some of the film's rough edges. For example, the television version provides an explanation as to why Gaara and Chojuro didn't rush in to assist Naruto and Sasuke—they were busy fighting Urashiki, who didn't exist in the movie. Supporting characters like Denki, Iwabe, and Metal are given something to do this time around—helping spectators escape the rampant destruction. (However, with so many heroes leading audience members to safety, it's strange that Naruto has to protect a small crowd of stragglers later in the episode.)

Although it's still fairly easy to discern which sequences are lifted from the movie compared to the TV-original material, the action sequences are all well-done this week, with only the slightest bit of choppiness to be found. The characters are also more expressive than usual, especially Boruto, who comes to gain a whole new perspective on his father. The look on the boy's face when he sees his dad's true power in action is particularly poignant and conveys a wealth of emotions—it's like all the history books he'd never quite believed had come to life. The man he could only see as an absentee workaholic suddenly turned into the hero of legend. It's likely a turning point in their relationship—one that's punctuated by Naruto's apparent sacrifice.

As another edge-of-your seat chapter in the Chunin exam saga, this week's Boruto begins the battle against the Otsutsukis in earnest, and the good guys are already at a clear disadvantage. With Boruto facing the potential loss of a parent and the Otsutsukis looking to restart Kaguya's legacy, things are bound to get worse before they get better for our heroes.

Rating: A-

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