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Episode 67

by Amy McNulty,

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With the Otsutsuki threat vanquished for the time being, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations lightens the mood with an arc centered around Cho-Cho. When popular actor Tomaru and his leading lady Ashina begin receiving ominous death threats, their producer enlists the services of the Hidden Leaf in protecting his two biggest stars on the set of their hit drama Romy & Jule. While Team 7 guards the brash and demanding Ashina, Team 10 keeps a watchful eye on Tomaru. For Cho-Cho, who's long harbored a crush on Tomaru, this assignment is a dream come true—and with her Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode in effect, her body weight has decreased considerably, which hasn't gone unnoticed by Tomaru. However, when the set is attacked by a masked assailant, Cho-Cho is unable to unleash her full power without returning to her original size, ultimately resulting in the assailant's escape. With an actress injured in the attack, Tomaru recommends that Cho-Cho stand in for her in an upcoming love scene.

Pairing Team 7 up with Team 10 works well for this story, as it ensures that Cho-Cho receives plenty of time in the spotlight without entirely forgetting about Boruto and the gang. Thus far, the main trio has primarily served as comic relief, but given how heavy the conclusion to the previous arc was, it makes sense to showcase Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki's more comedic traits. For example, it's been a while since Sarada last mirrored her mother's trademark hotheadedness. Boruto also has a few moments this week, although most of these involve him being insensitive and slightly pervy, a trait he apparently shares with his old man.

Cho-Cho playing it cool as ice in her interactions with Tomaru is both interesting and a touch out of character. In the past, she's never been able to keep her narcissism and zest for life under wraps, but this new level of self-consciousness is probably indicative of how much she likes her current crush. It's also possible that she wants a new personality to complement her sudden weight loss. Her efforts appear to pay off too, with Tomaru remarking on her “mysteriousness” and inviting her to act in a love scene with him. (Strangely, none of the characters comment on the fact that Cho-Cho is a pubescent child while Tomaru appears to be a young adult.) In light of some of the hints that were dropped, however, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that Tomaru has an ulterior motive.

Because the episode focuses so wholly on Cho-Cho, the scene in which Mitsuki and Orochimaru discuss the latter's gender identity feels a little out of place. Still, Orochimaru remarking that “outside appearance doesn't matter” is presumably meant to tie into the lesson Cho-Cho is being set up to learn. It's already been more or less established that Orochimaru is gender fluid, but it's nice to finally have some confirmation of that fact.

As a lighthearted side story, this week's Boruto crosses off all the necessary boxes. It's not boring (despite some padding here and there), there are a few laugh-out-loud moments, and a new side of an important supporting character is explored. While there isn't much in the way of action, the comedy and fun character interactions should be enough to keep fans entertained and leave them eager to find out how Cho-Cho's tale presumably concludes next week.

Rating: B-

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