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Episode 93

by Amy McNulty,

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Following its longest story arc to date, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations opts to slow things down and recharge its batteries with a low-key, comedy-heavy installment focused on Naruto and Himawari. With the Leaf's annual Parent and Child Day in full swing, Naruto is able to enjoy a rare day off. Instead of catching up on sleep, he decides to spend the day with Himawari, who has her heart set on buying the village's hottest new toy: Kuraa-ma, a Hatchimals-esque Kurama doll. Unfortunately, every toy store in the Leaf is out of stock, but with some timely help from Kiba and his hounds, Naruto is almost able to get his hands on one, only to have it stolen by another shinobi who wants to please his child. In the end, Himawari elects to give the toy to the other child, and Naruto reassigns the father to a job that will allow him to spend more time at home. Since spending time together was more important than any toy, both Naruto and his daughter regard the day as a resounding success.

Although this week's outing contains more than its fair share of narrative clichés and predictable elements, it's an all-around enjoyable watch and a solidly-executed post-arc breather. Since Naruto and Himawari have a much cozier relationship than Naruto and Boruto, there's plenty of entertaining fluff to be mined from their dynamic. Even though the next generation of Leaf shinobi is meant to serve as this series' main focus, it's always nice to check in with members of the original Hidden Leaf 12 and see how adult life is treating them. Since Kiba had yet to make any meaningful appearances in the current series, it's fitting that he's given a prominent supporting role in this week's misadventure. (Though it's odd that Hinata would lose touch with one of her closest friends.) Episode 93 also gives us a chance to check in with Tenten, whose appearances have been few and far between—despite the character having been a favorite of the previous series' screenwriters. (Still no word on whether she's Metal's mother, though.)

What episode 93 lacks in narrative originality, it more than makes up for in comedy and character interaction. While somewhat sappy, Naruto and Himawari's relationship is believably endearing and never comes across as contrived. Even though it's easy to see the ending coming from a mile away, Himawari's decision to give up the toy serves as a heartwarming moment of maturity. In addition to setting the stage for some funny jokes, Naruto's interactions with the various Hidden Leaf 12 members give the audience an opportunity to reconnect with some old friends and appreciate how much—and how little—has changed in the 10+ years that have passed since Kaguya's defeat.

While this week's episode isn't overly memorable or relevant to the bigger picture, it offers a nice break from the recently-concluded five-month-long arc. Full of humor and heart, episode 93 provides other members of the Uzumaki family with a chance to shine. With the Parent and Child Day festivities set to continue next week, here's hoping that subsequent filler episodes are just as entertaining.

Rating: B+

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