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The Cool Devices series makes itself known by being the worst thing ever animated, and while that was established with the first volume of the series, the second volume falters a bit, revealing that it is very possible to be sexually explicit, but still really boring.

The first episode on the tape is divided into three mini-stories, none of which really have any coherent plot line to them at all. The first story, entitled "Lover Doll," involves a woman dressed as a bunny in a cage (for reasons hinted at in badly edited one-frame-long flashbacks), a visit from a woman dressed as a cat and their sexual encounter through the bars, which is quickly put to a stop when their "master" arrives. He then proceeds to have sex with both of them (the cat-woman emits meow-screams), and leaves.

The second story, called "Winter Swimsuit," is just one really long sex scene (while snow can be seen through the window). The male partner cuts off the woman's bathing suit with a box cutter, revealing her unnaturally large chest. The third story, "Enema," features a couple doing it in a public bathroom, eventually having anal sex.

None of these stories involve naked bodies, or even show the face of the man in the activity (although it is perfectly willing to show everything else). While this is obviously meant to provide some amount of mystery to the situations, without a plot involved, it just detracts from the feeling of an out-and-out porno.

The second episode, "Kirei," is also just as ho-hum. Kirei is a girl vacationing on a sparsely populated island with her sempai (who looks like one of Go Nagai's messed-up-hair women). The natives are thirsty for women and have the ability to use a topical aphrodisiac to make them intensely horny. They capture the two women, and the plot falls apart into the stereotyped "I'm being raped but I like it" genre.

Where the first volume used animation to its advantage plot-wise, making the stories even more shocking and opening them up to artistic interpretation (as each episode seemed to be an analysis on one of man's sexual depravities and its possible cause), the second episode is just a lame pornographic story that has been better executed somewhere else. While it's still more graphic than most anime, that means less because there's nothing here to separate the content from real porno, which easily goes beyond what is offered here.
Production Info:

Not much Plot, boring

Yumisuke Kotoyoshi
Osamu Shimokawa
Hiroyuki Utatane
Script: Mon-Mon
Original story:
Hiroyuki Utatane
Original Manga:
Original Character Design: Mon-Mon
Character Design:
Naomi Hayakawa
Yumisuke Kotoyoshi
Yasuomi Umetsu
Art Director: Satoshi Takeda
Animation Director: Hiroshi Mori
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Director of Photography: Koichi Sasaki
Executive producer: Akio Saitô
Producer: Masashi Oda

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