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by Amy McNulty,

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Gabriel DropOut offers up its first real taste of continuity this week, as the girls continue their respective visits home. As usual, there's not much of a cohesive story, but rather a series of segments that chronicle each character's time at home. With the home visit arc set to continue next week, this marks the shows longest foray into continuity to date—and as long as things remain this consistently funny, I have no complaints.

With her laptop and games confiscated, Gabriel returns home with the intention of sleeping away the winter break. However, her energetic little sister Haniel has other plans, so she guilts her big sis into spending the afternoon playing with her. Having experienced the wonders of the human world, Heaven's playthings do absolutely nothing for Gabriel. Although Gab's parents and an older sister named Zel are mentioned, none of them actually appear this week. We also learn that Raphiel comes from an upper-class family, although a pervy butler is the only member of the household that we actually see. In what probably shouldn't come as a surprise, Satania's parents possess the same sense of unearned self-importance as their daughter. Although they maintain the appearance of well-to-do demons, the elder McDowells run a bakery, which also serves as the family's residence. Meanwhile, Vigne returns home to discover that the demon puppy her parents adopted prior to her departure has grown into a towering behemoth. The episode ends with Gabriel and Raphiel deciding to combat their boredom by helping Satania sneak into Heaven.

While each of this week's segments has amusing moments, the McDowell family dinner is the highlight of the episode. Learning that Satania's parents are every bit as deluded as she is goes a long way in explaining their daughter's personality. Her younger brother's quiet disappointment with the family's behavior also makes him a great tsukkomi. It's fitting that Satania isn't actually a demonic noble, but merely the product of a home environment conducive to nurturing a massive ego. While we don't spend as much time with Vignette's parents, their gentle nature and somewhat unremarkable personalities are explanation enough for how their daughter turned out. Apparently, kind demons aren't that rare after all.

While we don't get to meet Gabriel's parents or older sister, they'll likely make an appearance next week. Given what we've heard of Zel, her reaction to Gab's new personality is sure to prove entertaining. With any luck, we'll discover that Mom, Dad, and Zel's introductions have been delayed for good reason. Raphiel's family might have less to add—from all appearances, they seem like aristocrats—but her butler/maid's obsession with her is certainly odd, if sometimes humorous, and not necessarily connected to Raphi's devious personality.

Showing each of the girls in their respective home settings is a dynamic way to shake up Gabriel DropOut's familiar formula. There are still smaller segments within the larger narratives—with at least one for each main character—but they have a chance to interact with people (and pets) the audience has never seen before. With Satania set to sneak into Heaven next week, the girls' winter vacation is likely to take yet another humorous turn.

Rating: A

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