The Legend of Arc de Grande

Genocyber - The Legend of Arc De Grande
Genocyber is a series that's been around for quite a number of years, and has enjoyed a fair level of commercial success. That being the case, it is somewhat surprising that USMC/Manga Video UK has taken such a long time dubbing the series. Over four years after it brought out the first subtitled volume, we finally have the dub of the last volume, episodes 4 and 5.

For a series with such potential, I must say I'm very disappointed as to where it went.

Genocyber is a combination of two sisters: one was a test subject for the Kuryu Corporation, the other a wild animal who found her happiness on the streets. In a world where society has become brutal and oppressive to the breaking point, their duty is to bring about the apocalypse... one city at a time.

This time, their target is Arc De Grande City, where a blind girl and her boyfriend are seeking treatment for her cure. She's slightly psychic, and so they get some money using her powers, but the horror of the city overtakes them, as they eventually find themselves being hunted down by the system and being treated like animals by the locals.

Upon being chased by the police force, they find themselves in an underground temple/town, where refugees are lead by an oddball priest in having some amount of hope. They recognize her as their chosen one, and when the government sees them as a threat and gun them all down (as well as her boyfriend, whose unborn child she is carrying) she revels herself to be the final piece of the Genocyber puzzle.

You could tell the manga to this series is simply amazing, as most of the symbolism stays intact, but from a directorial standpoint this OAV is all over the map. Where the first part was beautifully constructed, this one is just a mess.

...But the dub! Oh, the dub! Oral surgery WITHOUT the anesthetic would be so much more pleasant than this embarrassment to the entire ADR industry. Any directorial spark is just totally lost to this monstrosity. I've heard better fandubs.

If you need a genocyber fix, stick to the first OAV. There's nothing to see here...
Production Info:

+ It looks like it once HAD a good story...
Embarrassingly bad dub, weak animation and execution

Director: Koichi Ohata
Script: Emu Arii
Hiroaki Kagoshima
Takehito Nakazawa
Original Concept: Tony Takezaki
Character Design: Atsushi Yamagata
Art Director: Kenji Kamiyama
Sound Director: Yūki Matsuoka
Executive producer: Shin Unozawa
Masashi Abe
Shinji Aramaki
Minoru Takanashi
Shin Unozawa

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