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Great Teacher Onizuka

Love Live the Teacher!

Great Teacher Onizuka
If you've ever thought your teachers were strange, then you've probably never heard of Onizuka Eikichi. Onizuka-sensei is an ex-motorcycle gangster who yearns to become a schoolteacher in the manga, anime, and TV series GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka. GTO was published in 1997 by KC Magazine Shounen Comics. Written and drawn by Fujisawa Tooru, GTO was a rapid success. It has been printed in multiple languages, including a Japanese and English bilingual manga translated by Stuart Atkin and Yoko Toyozaki. GTO was later developed into a TV drama series, and also an anime series. The TV series starred the singer Takashi Sorimachi as Onizuka-sensei, and aired on Fuji TV. The anime series also aired on Fuji TV, animated by SPE Visual and Studio Pierrot.

In the first episode of the anime, Onizuka-sensei is introduced as a lecherous high school student teacher. He starts his day, hoping that his class will be filled with beautiful girls. Much to his disgust, he learns that he has to teach the "O" class. Shattering his perverted dreams, the "O" class is nothing but a group of delinquent men, and women who look like men.

To his surprise, there happens to be one girl in his class who is extremely beautiful. He befriends her, later to find that she and the other students are using her good looks and his pervertedness to blackmail him for money, or get him fired.

The anime series is definitely something no one would want to miss. It has all the characteristics of a great show. The scenes are exciting, the script is cleverly written, and the humor will have you chuckling nonstop. Some of the most memorable moments are simply the expressions on Onizuka's face as he goes through various emotions.

Whether you're a fan of the manga, the TV show, or just interested in an enjoyable series, Great Teacher Onizuka is something you won't want to pass up.
Production Info:
Director: Noriyuki Abe
Script: Masashi Sogo
Noriyuki Abe
Naoyasu Habu
Toshiyuki Tsuru
Episode Director: Naoyasu Habu
Unit Director:
Kazunori Mizuno
Toshiyuki Tsuru
Music: Yusuke Honma
Original Manga: Tohru Fujisawa
Character Design: Koichi Usami
Art Director: Yūji Ikeda
Animation Director:
Ryoji Nakamori
Masaya Onishi
Ken Hagino
Hideo Katsumata
Yoshihiro Suzuki
Madoka Takiyama

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