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The girls from Graduation and Marriage are back... and this time, it's watchable! In fact, for a game that originally presented itself as a clone of Sakura Wars actually improves over the anime adaption of that series tremendously. No doubt that this is due to the director, Katsuhiko "A-ko" Nishijima, who keeps things going at a tolerable pace.

Newly formed all-girl mecha fighting squad Sailor Victory was formed by Reiko out of disgust for the pathetic local crime-fighting unit, who seem incapable of picking their own noses successfully. When an evil criminal (duh) attacks the city, it's up to Sailor Victory to help out! After a last minute replacement of mega-ditz Miki with a somewhat-competant android version, they emerge victorious, and the crime unit is exposed as the bums they are.

Embarassed, the chairman of the crime unit cooperates with a witch named "Ms. Margarita" to defeat Sailor Victory with her magic. It seems all has gone smoothly, and the trio of mecha are gone... when she reveals her real plans for world domination (and turns the police into cute animals).

The biggest surprise about Sailor Victory is its sense of humor. Totally unexpected sight-gags (like seeing Miki's entire head stuck in her android self's mouth) adorn the two-part OAV (as well as fan service -- hey, he DID do Cream Lemon and AIKa, after all), and although it is one of the most trite things to come out in recent years, it is cute. The intolerably slow pacing seen in Sakura Wars is no where to be found here -- which can only be an advantage.

While it's probably not worth buying, it's certainly worth renting, especially if you liked Sakura Wars.
Overall (sub) : B

+ Actually entertaining, with a few laughs intersperced.
Huh? Originality?

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Production Info:
Director: Katsuhiko Nishijima
Script: Kenichi Kanemaki
Original story: Headroom
Character Design: Kazuaki Moori

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