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Sound Decision
Mahoromatic #1

by Jonathan Mays,
Title: Mahoromatic Original Soundtrack #1
Artist: Toshio Masuda
Label: Pioneer Anime Music

Release Date: 2003-08-19
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98

If you had the wings of an angel, what type of music would you listen to? Perhaps the Haibane Renmei soundtrack would come pretty close, with 19 tracks of thoughtful, ethereal melodies from the fan-popular Haibane Renmei anime series. This CD soundtrack also features outstanding English language songs ("Wondering" and "Love Will Light the Way").

Track list:

01. On The Way Home
02. Eye Catch
03. Vesper's Great Soldier
04. Yes, that's Me
05. Suguru Misato/Middle School Student/Living Alone
06. Miss Maid Came To My House
07. Mother's Warmth
08. Last Wish
09. Trouble Arise!
10. Take A Break
11. The Grade 8, Division 4's Everyone
12. Lady Teacher - Saori Shikijo (25 years old)
13. Shikijo's Eroticism - Part 1 (Early Afternoon Section)
14. I Think Dirty Thoughts Are Bad!
15. Shikijo's Eroticism - Part 2 (Night Section)
16. Pretty Beast Trainer VS Flat Boob Maid - Endless Fight
17. Clamor! Clamor! Clamor!
18. That Brat! Almost Cut to Pieces
19. At The Porch
20. Last Wish (Variation)
21. Sadness Beyond The Battlefield
22.Memory of Mistake
23. At the Garden of Hydrangea (Instrumental)
24. Remaining Time
25. Mahoro DE Mambo
26. On The Way Home (Original Karaoke)
27. Mahoro DE Mambo (Original Karaoke)

-Bonus Messages-

28. Mahoro's Wake Up Call
29. Mahoro's Comforting Goodnight Call
30. Mahoro's Answering Machine Message
31. Mahoro's Cup-O-Noodle Timer
32. "I Think Dirty Thoughts Are Bad" 5 Stage Inflection

Total time: 1:01:13

(Added on 2003-08-07)

This volume was reviewed in the Sound Decision column of August 17, 2003.

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