Initial D (live-action movie)

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Alternative title:
Racha - Velocidade sem Limite (Portuguese)
頭文字〈イニシャル〉D (Japanese)
Themes: auto racing
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: High school student Takumi Fujiwara is a gas boy by day and delivery boy by night, transporting tofu uphill on the twisting Mt. Akina highway in his father's Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno. Street racers Ryousuke Takahashi and Takeshi Nakazato take notice of Takumi's outstanding drifting skills after he overtakes Nakazato on his way home. Soon, other racers like Kyouichi Sudou and Seiji Iwaki of the team Emperor challenge Takumi to see who the best street racer is in the Gunma Prefecture.
Running time: 109 minutes
Vintage: 2005-06-19
Premiere date:
2005-06-19 (China - Beijing)
2005-06-23 (China/Hong Kong/Singapore)
2005-06-24 (Taiwan)
2005-06-27 (Malaysia)
2005-09-02 (Italy - Venice Film Festival)
2005-09-17 (Japan)
Release dates: We have 1
Opening Theme:
"Blood on Fire (Japanese dub theme)" by AAA
"Piao Yi (Drift)" by Jay Chou
Ending Theme:
"Always Head North (Yi Lu Xiang Bei)" by Jay Chou
"Blood on Fire" by AAA
Insert song:
"beautiful" by mink
Official website:
Trivia: We have 4
Joint Hong Kong/Japanese production.
Renowned Hong Kong director Tsui Hark initially was given control of the project. At the last minute, Hark bailed out due to numerous disagreements with the production company.
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    Initial D (Sub.Blu-Ray) 2008-01-22
DVD (Region 1)
    Initial D (Live Action) - Special Edition DVD (DVD) 2006-01-24 (from $59.99)
Universal Media Disc
    Initial D -(Live Action) (UMD) 2006-01-24 (from $19.95)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Screenplay: Felix Chong
Original Manga: Shuuichi Shigeno
Director of Photography:
Andrew Lau (HKSC)
Man Ching Ng
Yiu Fai Lai (HKSC)
Executive producer:
John Chong
Yang Ying
Producer: Andrew Lau

Assistant Art Director: Cat Leung (HK)
Assistant Costume Design:
Boey Wong (HK)
Damon Lau (HK)
Kitty Chau (HK)
Assistant Director:
Cindy Yu (HK)
Henry Lau (HK)
Jonathan Li (HK)
Seiya Nishikawa (Japan)
Yuuichi Tazawa (Japan)
Assistant Production Manager: Yasunori Matsuda (Japan)
Associate Line Producer:
Chisako Hau (Japan)
Ronald Wong
Stephen Lam
Associate Production Manager:
Jeannette Lee (HK)
Prudence Kao (HK)
Editing: Wong Hoi
Insert Song Performance: Mink (Japan)
Line Producer:
Ellen Chang
Lorraine Ho
Location Manager: Makoto Yokozawa (Japan)
Location Production Assistant: Yasuoki Kobayashi (Japan)
Production Assistant:
Akihiko Terada (Japan)
Hiroko Kitano (Japan)
Kazuyuki Nishimoto (Japan)
Makoto Ishii (Japan)
Yick Yue Kan (HK)
Yukie Nakama (Japan) 
Production Design: Silver Choung
Production manager:
Kyo Sasaki (Japan)
Ray Pang (HK)
Production Runner: Po Hung Wong (HK)
Sound Design: Kinson Tsang
Stunt Assistant:
Man Kin Wong (Cars - HK)
Wai Leung Lee (Cars - HK)
Stunt Coordination:
Joseph Chi (Cars - HK Unit)
Katsuhiro Takahashi (Cars - Japan Unit)
Theme Song Performance:
AAA (Japanese Release)
Jay Chou (ED)
Unit Manager: Chun Keung Cheung (HK)
Visual Effects Supervision:
Bryan Cheung
Eddy Wong
Victor Wong
Jay Chou as Takumi Fujiwara

Anne Suzuki as Natsuki Mogi
Anthony Wong as Bunta Fujiwara
Chapman To as Itsuki Tachibana
Edison Chen as Ryousuke Takahashi
Jordan Chan as Kyouichi Sudou
Kazuyuki Tsumura as Mr. X("Papa")
Keng Hung Liu as Seiji Iwaki
Kenny Bee as Yuuichi Tachibana
Shawn Yue as Takeshi Nakazato

Akiko Matsushita as RedSuns Girl A
Akira Yasuda as RedSuns Member A
Chie Tanaka as Miya
Chikako Murata as Takumi Fan D
Chinatsu Kanada as Karaoke Lady F
Chizuru Iguchi as Karaoke Lady C
Daiichiro Yuyama as NightKids Member A
Dasubi Tamura as RedSuns Girl C
Eiichi Kato as RedSuns Member C
Eri Asanuma as Emperor Girl B
Hiroko Watabe as Ryousuke Fan A
Hiroyuki Nakai as Emperor Member E
Kahori Oba as RedSuns Girl B
Kanako Ishiyama as Karaoke Lady E
Kappei Yamaguchi as Itsuki Tachibana(voice)
Katsushi Norimine as Truck Driver A
Kazuhida Kobayashi as Emperor Member C
Kazunori Kawamura as NightKids Crowd A
Kazuo Yashiro as SpeedStars Member
Kenji Harada as RedSuns Member E
Kenji Nojima as Takumi Fujiwara(voice)
Kentarou Itou as Seiji Iwaki(voice)
Kenzo Sakai as NightKids Member C
Kiboubi Tamura as NightKids Girl E
Kiyohiko Ueki as Kouichiro Iketani
Kotaro Kano as Emperor Member A
Mai Fujii as NightKids Girl A
Manami as Karaoke Lady A 
Masako Yoshikawa as Takumi Fan B
Masashi Niijima as Truck Driver C
Masato Kato as RedSuns Member F
Megumi Seitone as Natsuki's Classmate B
Megumi Ujiie as Karaoke Lady B
Miki Kuroiwa as Natsuki's Classmate A
Minako Yokoyama as Takumi Fan A
Norimasa Matsumoto as NightKids Crowd B
Ran Fukuda as Karaoke Lady D
Reika Shinoda as NightKids Girl C
Rin Aki as Emperor Girl A
Sayaka Takizawa as Natsuki's Classmate C
Seira Ogura as Takumi Fan C
Serina Kurobe as Ryousuke Fan C
Shinichiro Nagano as RedSuns Member G
Shintaro Nemoto as RedSuns Member D
Shiro Gou as NightKids Member D
Shota Mitsuki as RedSuns Member H
Shunsuke Sakuya as Kyōichi Sudō(voice)
So Iijima as NightKids Member E
Takahiro Hirano as RedSuns Member B
Takenori Ishii as RedSuns Member I
Takuma Takewaka as Ryōsuke Takahashi(voice)
Tetsuo Kaneo as Yūichi Tachibana(voice)
Tokuyoshi Kawashima as Takeshi Nakazato(voice)
Tomohiro Waki as NightKids Member B
Tomoka Oohata as NightKids Girl D
Tomomi Koizumi as Emperor Girl D
Tsunesuke Shimizu as Truck Driver D
Tsutomu Isobe as Bunta Fujiwara(voice)
Tsuyoshi Abe as Kenji
Yuka Yanase as Emperor Girl C
Yuko Kawasa as NightKids Girl B
Yumi Murakami as Ryousuke Fan B
Yusuke Nakayama as Truck Driver B
Yusuke Naoi as Emperor Member D
Yuya Nakahara as Emperor Member B
Japanese companies
English staff
English companies
Licensed by: Tai Seng
English cast
French cast
French staff
Fabrice Josso as Takumi Fujiwara

Axel Kiener as Takeshi Nakazato
Bruno Choël as Yuuichi Tachibana
Cédric Dumond as Itsuki Tachibana

French companies
Dubbing: Dubbing Brothers
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Jordi Pons as Takumi Fujiwara(Spain dub)

Angel de Gracia as Ryosuke Takahashi(Spain dub)
Carmen Calvell as Natsuki Mogi(Spain dub)
Jordi Ribes as Bunta Fujiwara(Spain dub)
Luis Fenton as Yuuichi Tachibana(Spain dub)
Manuel Gimeno as Itsuki Tachibana(Spain dub)
Manuel Osto as Takeshi Nakazato(Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Distributor: Versus Entertainment (Spain)
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Broadcaster: MTV Netherlands
Distributor: Asiamania
Dutch cast
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