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Future-Retro Hero Story (manga) Will Viz pick up Future-Retro Hero Story after Outlaw Star? I can't read Japanese at all and would love to see this translated some day. I can only figure out stuff by looking so far and translating small parts.
KO Century Beast: Birth of V-Darn (manga) Will this ever come here? So far I'm having a hard time trying to find an import copy for sale. Hopefully, it can come here if people like KO Beast enough. Now if only Ryu Knight could ever make it here and the manga of Ryu Knight is alot easier to find than the KO Beast one.
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight (manga)
Outlaw Star (manga) This needs to be brought here soon and translated. Viz can come out with it for sure to go against Dark Horse coming out with Trigun and the fact TP has Cowboy Bebop. I think OLS being published here could help with the OLS fanbase and provide money for Itoh's new and old projects.
Wild Half (manga) I just got this and this really needs to be translated. I think it would sell really well. Plus I love the fact that there's werewolves in it.

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Ginga Legend Weed (manga) Good
Gon (manga) Excellent
Lupin III (manga) Good
Sorcerer Hunters (manga) Good

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Cowboy Bebop (manga) Good