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Doraemon (manga)
I have volume 36 in Japanese, but have not yet sat down with my dictionary and made it all the way through yet. It's very slow going!
Mushishi (manga)
I have read volume one and like it a lot. I'm not all that fond of the artwork. It seems very dense and my brain sometimes seemed to have a hard time wrapping itself around what was going on in some panels. Other than that, however, it was great. I liked the stories very much and as long as they continue to be creative and interesting I think I will keep following this series. I already bought volume 2.

Update: I have now also read volume 2. I am very much liking the storytelling in this series, though the artwork has taken some getting used to. I am looking forward to the rest of the series. I even picked up volume 1 in Japanese on my last trip to Japan so I could see it and can compare it side to side with my English language version.

Sorry I don't have comments on every title. I've pretty much quit watching anime (sadly, no time anymore) and it's unlikely I'll ever update this list. Almost as unlikely as anyone taking a look at it given that I haven't been an active user here in years. :P

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Solanin (manga) Excellent