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Spastic Minnow's Manga

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Hayate the Combat Butler (manga)
Mix (manga)
32 chapters in, this looks like another Adaichi clsassic.
Princess Jellyfish (manga)
School Rumble (manga)
What I've read of the early chapters is quite good, although adapted so well in the anime as to be unnecessary. I've also read the final chapters, everything not covered in the anime. To tell the truth- it's resolved badly, or rather, it's barely resolved at all with only relationship confirmed but in a very sad and arbitrary way.
Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (manga)
Yotsuba&! (manga) Masterpiece
absolutely masterful comic story-telling. Simple stories, deceptively intricate art, Windsor McKay, Charles Schultz, Walt Kelly, Carl Banks, Bill Waterson, meet Kiyohiko Azuma, master of cute hilarity and childhood wonder.

My ratings. As you can see, the vast majority of my rankings are "Good."
I see it this way, I LIKE anime, so by that virtue most of it is good and I get pleasure out of it.
Everything good and above I feel I can easily recommend to like-minded viewers.

I also I try to go by the descriptions used by ANN.

A Masterpiece is a show that I personally can find no real fault with. I may be able to understand why others wouldn't like it, I can see what others don't like, but they don't affect my personal enjoyment at all. These are anime I can watch multiple times without ever really getting tired of them

If it's Excellent I definitely think it's worth owning and worth rewatching multiple times.

As it says, "Very Good" means I highly recommend seeing it at least once.

Good anime is Good anime. Although this category is the most subjective in my opinion. Shows are good here because they feature characteristics that I personally enjoy and I think like-minded viewers will too. this is the bottom level of enthusiastic recommendations.

"Decent" is the ranking I use for shows that I personally received some enjoyment from but don 't feel comfortable recommending more widely to others. These are shows that I can clearly see faults with and if asked for my opinion I would immediately think of those faults.

Ratings below 'decent' are basically as their ANN descriptions say.

So-So- is the worst worded of the rating descriptions, but it's true that "didn't catch my attention" is a valid way to describe these anime. The Decent rating assumes there is some aspect that really attracted me and caught my attention, even though there are faults. So-so anime means it has faults but the best aspects were mostly just unobjectionable and hinted at what I like.

Not Really Good- Not a total waste either. Can't describe it much better than that.

Weak- yeah, as it says, something may have given me hope- but that promise wasn't fulfilled and I really wish I hadn't watched it.

Bad- "Really not recommended" I don't rate stuff I don't see a significant portion of, so there's not much rated at this level and below. If I rated something at this level consider the advice to be "I suffered so you won't have to."

Awful and Bad seem very close. I guess this is just for stuff I watched for some reason and hated completely but doesn't quite reach "torture" level.

Worst Ever= MD Geist, at this point that is the only show I have rated here. It really does offend me on all storytelling, aesthetic, and moral aspects. Absolutely worthless in my humble opinion.

Below is it "Wiil Not FInish" section. which I use more as a "no plans or much desire to finish".
I had previously put some of these in my "Seen Some" section but I decided to limit that to shows I really would like to finish or am currently watching.

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Ai Yori Aoshi (manga) Excellent
Azumanga Daioh (manga) Masterpiece
Cross Game (manga) Masterpiece
Fruits Basket (manga) Very good
Genshiken (manga) Excellent
H2 (manga) Excellent
Hiatari Ryoukou! (manga) Good
Inu Neko Jump! (manga) Decent
The core characters are interesting and/or funny but it is an extremely frustrating series thanks to its lack of development. Only tiny hints about the reasons for the actions and the feelings of the MCs start showing in the early 30s and it ends at chapter 41 without really revealing a damn thing.
Itsumo Misora (manga) Good
fun series, but ends very abruptly.
Jinbe (manga) Very good
Kare Kano (manga) Excellent
Katsu! (manga) Excellent
Love Hina (manga) Very good
Miyuki (manga) Good
It has a weak MC and features some creepy pervert male characters (a sign of it's era probably) but it's better than its anime adaptation and the resolution is quite emotional.
Mysterious Girlfriend X (manga) Very good
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (manga) Masterpiece
Niji-iro Tōgarashi (manga) Good
Nine (manga) Very good
Adaichi's first major hit series after ten years of mostly gag series and adaptations. Understandably,it starts off rough. Characters don't gel very well and some situations just feel awkward and a little unpleasant. But by the start of the team's "second year" it all starts coming together much better. The romantic triangles are probably the saving grace. The way the characters all react in the face of romantic competition brings out the best of them. The series is also refreshingly different from Adaichi's other works in the more conventional resolution of the story. I love Adaichi's later more poetic endings but it's also so refreshing to see the story continue a bit after the confessions and giving satisfying conclusions to just about every major supporting character as well. ...also unique to his work, only one dead relative! and it's the relative of a relatively minor character... WOW! NO one collapses from an appendicitis either!
Q and A (manga) Good
bad Adachi is still good manga, and this is a weaker work. I'm pretty sure it can be classified as a "failure." The bickering romantic couple has little tension and the key story point of the death of the brother has little weight. The "It was all a dream (or was it)" ending was obviously a rushed resolution and a pretty poor one at that.
Ranma ½ (manga) Very good
Rough (manga) Very good
Samurai Baby (manga) Decent
School Rumble Z (manga) Decent
And don't expect much resolution from this sequel series either. These aren't even necessarily canon stories, they could all be as "real" as their trip to prehistoric times. They kind of tell you who ends up with who, but not how or why.
Short Program (manga) Very good
Slow Step (manga) Good
It's a little refreshing to have a shojo heroine that can find her self worth outside of her romantic interests but this is still supposed to be a romantic comedy, and while the comedy is often top-notch, the romance is practically non-existent. The girl shows no real interest in any of the guys. All of her interactions and dates with her prospective beaus are done out of obligation.
Touch (manga) Very good