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After School Nightmare (manga)
Angel Densetsu (manga)
Blame! (manga)
Helter Skelter (manga)
Japan (manga by K. Miura)
King of Wolves (manga)
Nodame Cantabile (manga)
Ode to Kirihito (manga)
Old Boy (manga)
Ōoku: The Inner Chambers (manga)
Princess Resurrection (manga)
Togari (manga)
Tokyo Babylon (manga)
Yellow (manga)

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Berserk (manga) Masterpiece
Bleach (manga) Very good Anime follows the manga very closely.
A Bride's Story (manga)
Case Closed (manga)
Claymore (manga) Excellent
Cromartie High School (manga) Good SOOO Random. Though I have to say I liked anime better. There is just something about that guy's hair flapping in anime.
Death Note (manga) Excellent
Embracing Love (manga)
Fruits Basket (manga)
Galaxy Express 999 (manga)
Himitsu no Akko-chan (manga)
Kōcha Ōji (manga) Excellent
Love Mode (manga) Excellent
Ookiku Furikabutte (manga) Excellent (raw & raw) The main character may be annoyingly crybaby, but in a way totally different from Ikari Shinji. This guy actually tries hard, works very hard for the sake of himself and others, and believes in others. Very likable and well developed characters, with very dynamic relationship between them. That's maybe why this manga draws you in in a way different from classics like Touch.
Parasyte (manga)
Qwan (manga)
Ranma ½ (manga)
REAL (manga) Masterpiece Another Takehiko Inoue work on Basketball, but this time it's a wheel chair basketball. That means there will be stories of how the characters got into those wheel chairs as well, so don't expect something like Slam Dunk. Very serious, touching, and exciting manga.
Tokko (manga)
Touch (manga) Very good A classic drama/comedy/sports manga. Very good.
Uzumaki (manga)
Vagabond (manga) Masterpiece The story is a very well drawn out story of the famous Miyamoto Musashi. All the characters are very well developed. The philosophies of the swords and martial arts is drawn extremely well. And the art is AMAZING. Takehiko Inoue started this work at the peak of his art quality (reached towards the end of Slam Dunk), and keeps that up adding extra touches of bold thick brush for the hair. Simply amazing.
Wandering Son (manga)
Wild Adapter (manga)
Worst (manga)

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Aishiteruze Baby (manga)
Alive (manga by T Takahashi) Very good Very serious work looking into the mind of a killer. Also doesn't drag on.
Buzzer Beater (manga) Very good A fun manga, with a little unexpected ending. I wish it could be longer.
Color (manga by Eiki Eiki) Very good
Emma (manga) Excellent Such a well told love story (stories to be exact) in the English high society. Draws you in, grabs your heart, and then squeezes it.
Hands Off! (manga)
I''s (manga) Very good This is a perfect manga for boys with a lot of ecchi elements in it, and also for girls to at least somewhat understand how boys think.
Lament of the Lamb (manga) Very good Very intriguing story, with surprisingly a pretty good ending. OVA sucks though.
Marmalade Boy (manga) Very good A classic shoujo manga, very nice, again good ending.
Menkui! (manga by S. Tanaka)
Misaki de Bus o Orita Hito (manga)
Mushishi (manga) Excellent A very strange piece of art and story. It intrigued me from the very first chapter. However, amazingly as good the manga is, anime is even better. The even more beautiful art and soundtrack really bring these strange stories to life. Lets just say my family (father, grandmother, and aunt) love the anime series.
Phoenix (manga) Excellent
Rin! (manga) Excellent Pretty deep, and very cute story of the high school love along with believing in yourself.
Slam Dunk (manga) Excellent Takehiko Inoue's first famous work. It maybe a little over the top at first in terms of the main character, but somehow, he manages to remain likable. Also the author really knows what he is writing and drawing about, the basketball. Art gets better and better as the volumes go by, and toward the end becomes absolutely great. If you want excitement, action, and comedy, this is for you.
X-Day (manga by S Mizushiro)

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