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07-Ghost (manga) Very good 3/18/2009 I read volume 1 over the weekend and it was a fun volume and the character developement was right on the spot. I got really into the story and it was a unique concept to say the least. It is still to early to tell how things will go though. We will see how volume 2 goes.----------------- 3/21/2009 I read volume 2 last night and it was great. It was more of the same stuff, but the plot moves along nicely. Only two new characters to speak of and Tito Klien mourns the death of his friend and decides to become more powerful and become a priest. I will check out volume 3 when it comes out.--------------------------------------------------5/10/2009 I just read volume 3 of 07-Ghost and it went a lot deeper into the characters backgrounds. There was also much more going on drama wise and Teito gets closer to Hakuren as well. Frau gets arrested and put in jail too. You will have to read this volume to find out why. This volume was good on many levels and the drama and character development were great. Overall, a great volume to this series because all that was happening and they way it all came together.
1520 (manga) Excellent 4/7/2009 I read volume 1 tonight and it was a fun read. I think I will have trouble tracking down volume 2 though. The story is about Zelos, a prince, and Ana a royal maid. Ana eats some cake meant for the princess she serves and Zelos while spying on the princess and Ana eats a piece too. As it turns out the cake was poisoned with a drug that turns them both into children. Ana can turn back to her old size if she laughs and Zelos can turn back if he cries. The problem is that they can't both be older at the same time. The story goes into Ana and Zelos's adventures on when they journey to find a cure. A great manga with plenty of color pages and excellent attention to detail. I hope the rest of the series gets published.
20th Century Boys (manga) Masterpiece I bought volumes 1-7 and sat on them for a while and did a marathon on reading them and it was one of the fastest and fun reads I have done in while. I won't hesitate to recommend this series to anyone. I love having a bunch of books I have not read in a series and then getting to read them all at once.
Afterschool Charisma (manga) Good
AiON (manga) Very good
Akihabara @ DEEP (manga) Very good 5/7/2009 I read volumes 1 & 2 over the weekend and the series was very enjoyable. I wanted to try out this series ever since I read the review on it on A.N.N. site. I usually am better about writting these up right after I read the volumes, but it has been crazy busy for me lately.
Amefurashi: The Rain Goddess (manga) Good 6/26/09 I read volume 1 today and it was a interesting storyline if a bit rushed. I like how the characters interacted and am eager to see how Suzumi will develop them to give them some more depth. I will check out volume 2 when it comes out. Right now I will rate this as good.
Amnesia Labyrinth (manga) Excellent
Animal Academy: Hakobune Hakusho (manga) Very good 5/8/09 I just read Animal Academy and it was a fun easy going series about a girl name Neko (which means cat in Japanese) and her experiences at a high school that is for shape shifters that are animal that can turn into humans. The school is to help them learn about human society and how to live and adjust to coexist in it. Neko meets a girl name Miiko on her train ride to the new school. No one except the teachers know that Neko is a human and they tell her she can stay as long as she keeps the fact that she is human a secret. Miiko and Neko become fast friends and Miiko is very clingy with Neko. It is fun to see how they interact with all the different types of beings (people) that they go to school with. A very fun fantasy story.
Arata: The Legend (manga) Very good
B. Ichi (manga) Excellent 5/12/2009 I read volume of Boichi last night and read volume 2 tonight and they were great fun. I loved all the Heavy Metal and Punk references in some of the names used. I can tell the author or the translator is a fan. The story involves a girl named Mana who meets a boy by the name of Shotaro who can obtain the abilities of animals and other creatures by chewing on one of there bones. Mana and Shotaro meet up in Toykyo and become friends after there chance meeting. Shotaro is looking for his friend Emine (homage to Eminem). Mana accompanies Shotaro on his journey because he is her first friend she made on her journey. In her home town which is made up mainly of martial artist, she is a outcast because they consider her not good enough for them. An all around fun story that is not to be missed and I look forward to getting volume 3.
Bamboo Blade (manga) Excellent 5/10/2009 I just read Volume 1 of Bamboo Blade and it was an excellent read. I really enjoyed the story and the different characters. I can't wait to see Tamaki grows as a character. This series is great and it is just what I needed after I re-watched Moon Phase. I got a bit side tracked on reading when I started watching the Funimation Channel at dinner time. I really glad I bought last months issue of Yen Plus because I found so many new series that I got really into. I never put much stock in them before, but it is a great way to find new series. Anyway I will now watch Bleach and then read some more manga.
Biomega (manga) Very good
Broken Blade (manga) Very good
Cardcaptor Sakura (manga) Excellent
Dance in the Vampire Bund (manga) Excellent I just read the first 3 volumes of this series and it was a very enjoyable read. Vampire Bund was one of the more original series I have come across in a while. The vampire lore they used was prietty stock though. I wouldn't have used some those ones in the series myself. Maybe I got a little too into the series because I watched Black Blood Brothers right before reading V.B. I really like the characters and where they have gone so far with the story only time will tell where the next arc will take the story. Vampire Bund is really worth checking out if you get a chance too.---------On 7/3/09 I read volume 4 of Dance the Vampire Bund and as the prior 3 volumes of the series went it was very entertaining and seemed to go by fast. Thats the way it goes with the better series though. In this volume Akira is fighting for his life and Hime's future. The 3 vampire Lords have got it in there mind that they want to have a child with Hime and to have the right to do this they have made a bet to help them decide. This volume series of events is continued on in volume 5 that is to come out in the winter of 2009. Damn it I want it out sooner than that. Oh well, on to some Forth of July parties. Have a good one everyone.
Deadman Wonderland (manga) Very good
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (manga) Excellent
Dogs: Prelude (manga) Masterpiece 4/27/09 I took a few days off from reading and jumped back in with "Dogs Prelude." I the volume 0 consists of short stories most tied in together and make for an excellent and entertaining trip. The art and the characters are really something else. I throughly enjoyed myself with this one and will pick up the other volumes when and if they come out. I think this is the first time I have rated a series a masterpiece right off the bat. Don't hesitate to get this one and if you do you will really be missing out.------------------8/11/09 It was nice to finally be able to read the next volume in the series which goes from volume 0 to volume 1. The characters got more action going, but as far as getting more into their heads, it was not as deep as the last volume. I will check out volume 2 when it comes out.
Dorothea (manga) Very good I just read volume 1 and it was well done. Right now the author has set the scene for some interesting and good potential plot twist and intrigue for later volumes. I guess I am just a sucker for a romance story with action and or fantasy. There are three more volumes out already which I was not aware of. The story is a bit clichéd, but good because of the character developement and story background. I hope this series is turns out to be more than a hack and slasher story with little character. Only time with answer that question though. More to come when I track down the other volumes in this series.
Elfen Lied (manga) Very good
Enchanter (manga) Good I have read through volume 1 and I will post something more descriptive when I have read through more volumes. In volume 1 it was mainly an introduction to the characters and setting the scene for the story. I think this one has some potential to be a fun read, but only time will tell if this prediction will end up being true or not. All in all a good first volume more to come on volume 2.****I have read through volume 9 and there has not been much on the plot developement end of things, but it is a fun read though. I hope this has a conclusive ending, I just don't know though if the series ends with volume 10. -----------------3/21/2009 I finally got to read volume 10 and it was good, but it was really hard to find. It went into things after the fight and Haruhiko and Yuka have a fight. Yuka tells Haruhiko that she will take care of herself from now on and he doesn't need to worrie about her. Ouch! Regardless to say Huruhiko gets really mad at her tells to stop making his exitence trival. Wow, this is a great volume definately check it out. I can't wait for volume 11 to come out.
Fairy Tail (manga) Excellent 4/13/09 I read through volume 1 and half way through volume 2 tonight. Fairy Tail is a fun easy going series. Natsu saves a girl by the name of Lucy who goal is to join the fairy tail wizard's guild. Lucy later finds out that Natsu is in fairy tail and he offers to take her there. I will say more later when I don't feel so awful.-------------------4/24/09 This series is a lot of fun to read and the characters keep getting more interesting. I just finished volume 6 and it was one of the best in the series so far. If you have been following the series up to this point you have to check this volume out. Say does anyone know when volume 7 is coming out. lol
Foxy Lady (manga) Good I bought volume one on a blind buy and it was a fun read, but it won't win any awards for originality. It was fun seeing the different character interactions and the story had some hope in the beginning, but towards the end of volume 1 it got a bit tedious. I will check out volume 2 if I find it cheap, but I won't go out of my way for it. Oh well, so much for a blind buy.
Fruits Basket (manga)
Future Diary (manga) Masterpiece
Ghost Talker's Daydream (manga) Good I have read volumes 1 & 2 and I would give them a grade of a B. While not the best read I have ever had, it still was entertaining and nice to revist some of the characters that I saw in the anime. I continue to read through this series because it is well done and the artwork is nice.---------I just read volume 3 and it was not as good as the first two, but it still was nice to read. Once again I bought it because I liked the cover and the fact that I found out the Borders takes expired coupons means I got this volume for $7. Not bad if I do say so myself (and I do say so).
Guardian Angel Getten (manga) Excellent AKA "mamotte shugogetten" A fun series I gone through the first two books in the series. It reminds me of the anime "Ah My Goddess." I have gotten into volume 3 and the story has really started to pickup. I am excited to get through volumes 3 & 4 tonight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here it is two days later and I still have not had as much time to read as I had originally planned. I have read a few more chappers and this series does develop slowly, but steadily. I enjoy the characters in this series and love the fact that series has two volumes in one with each set. I have to admit it did encourage me to buy it. I guess I am just a sucker for limited edition stuff and good deals. Oh well, I will write some more once I have had a chance to read some. Eventually I am going to try to get a balance between details of the story and being vague enough so that I don't spoil the story for anyone, but for now it is a work evolution. (That is to say I am working at nailing down a system. I am big on such things.) If you have any sugestions or ccomments please feel free to email me and let me know.-------------------3/15/2009 I read volumes 3 & 4 (double volumes) over the weekend. I wish there had been more developement in the relationships at this point in the series. Elementary school kids would have more common sense than some of the characters in this series. A fun read, but fusterating at times.
Hanako and the Terror of Allegory (manga) Excellent
Hayate the Combat Butler (manga) Excellent I have read through volume 8 on this manga series. It is a fun read, but can get a bit much too take at some points. The humor in this series is either hit or miss. The character are fun to read how they interact with each other. I am eagerly awaiting for volume 9 to come out. Not bad series to check out if you like this type of humor. Make sure to read a few pages to see if it to your tast.---------I have read through volume 10 tonight and it was a fun volume filled with more of the usually humor I have come to expect from this series and the different characters and there interactions with each other keep me comeing back to this series. I know I have said it before, but I really love this series and I always have a lot of fun reading it. I just wish volume 11 would come out sooner. I should say something more serious and profound, but that just would not do for this series and it is either a hit or a miss with the humor in this one. I don't take easily to humor driven manga and books, but this one wins the prize in my book.----------------------5/8/2009 I just read through volume 11 and this volume has gotten back on track and is by far a fun volume. I enjoy seeing Hayate and Nagi getting into their usual trouble. Izumi even had her grandmother and mother get into this volume. They are even more spacey than she is if thats even possible. As usual this volume left me anticipating volume 12. Overall I just love this series.---------------8/10/09 I read volume 12 on 8/10/09 which was two days ago and the hot springs story arc came to a good ending and Nagi and Hayate got a little more closer in there relationship(?) (you will have to read the volume to know for sure.) Overall I had a lot of fun reading this volume
Hayate X Blade (manga) Good 3/22/2009 I just read the other night volumes 1&2 and it was a fun series. I had read a preview in another series of this one and I liked it so I picked it up. Hayate and Ayana are quite the pair. Their is enough going on besides the fighting to keep me interested and following the series. Momoka duel had me grinding my teeth at the end result. Momoka is Hayate's roomate and at first seems level headed. Maybe that because I was compairing her to Hayate. Kurogane Hayate is fignting in battles to make enough money to pay off a loan for the home for orphans that she and her sister Nagi grew up in. Nagi got sick so she has Hayate fill in for her at Tenchi Academy while she recovers in the hospital. This is a fun series to read if you are not the literal type and don't take things too seriously. I can't wait for volume three. If volume 21 of Negima doesn't come out soon I will die from antisipation.-------------------------8/3/09 I finished up Hayate Cross Blade volume 4 tonight and it was more of the same goodness that first attracted me to this series. The sisters and arms find out what it means to have a partner and how make that relationship(?) work. A fun volume that I will have to re-read because I kept getting interrupted when read the first half of it. Ah, guests can be a fun diversion, but timing is also a key part of the equation as well. As far as volume 4 goes it delves deeper into the characters and brings more of the scene to light and sets the scene for the next volume. Overall a great volume.
Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit (manga) Good 5/15/09 I read this on Friday night and it was good and disturbing at the same time. Honestly how could people just sit there and do nothing while a government did something like that. I was mad at most of the characters through out this story and found it entertaining if not far fetched to say the least.
Inukami! (manga) Good 3/19/2009 I just read volumes 1 & 2 tonight and volume 1 was slow going, but once I got into volume 2 things picked up and it got much better. I like Keita and Yoko's strange relationship and how they both really trust each other, but yet still are insecure about it at the same time. On top of that they pull through each other when they need it most. Nadeshiko is an interesting character at 400 years old and she is sent to Keita and Yoko to show Yoko how to behave better. Then there is Tomohane, she seems to be the younger Inukami of the group and she gets into some trouble with Keita while Yoko is at a clinic. I will definitely check out volume 3. If I had judge this series only on volume 1, I probably would not have stuck with this series, but volume 2 pull through in the end for me. I look forward to volume 3.
Jormungand (manga) Very good
Kagetora (manga) Very good 4/24/2009 I just read volume 1 this morning and it was a funney and amusing tale. I really got into the two main characters. Kagetora is a ninja that is given the job of training the clusmsy yet charming Yuki to become a martial artist and secede her mother as head of the family dojo. (A partial quote from the back of the manga in volume 1.) Yuki does not have any natural talent for martial arts and to make maters harder on Kagetora he falls in love with her as well. This is the basic premise of volume one. A really had a fun time reading through this volume and I will track down the remaining volumes as well. If you like romanic comdies you should check this series out.
Kami-Kaze (manga) Excellent 5/12/09 I just read volume 1 of Kami Kaze and it was an interest and blood filled tale about the Girl of Water. One side wants her to resurrect some 88 demon and the other wants to keep her alive. An interesting tale with a lot of action and some drama mixed in for good measure. Do not miss this one if you like this genre of manga.
Kamisama Kazoku (manga) Good 3/21/2009 I read volume 1 on thursday and it was an interesting manga because of the characters and there extemely different personalities. I would go into detail, but alas I am so bad with names and spelling Japaneese names that I don't dare. Regardless to say I will track down the other volumes in this series soon.
Karakuri Odette (manga) Good 5/17/2010 I have read through volume 3 of Karakuri Odette and I have enjoyed seeing how Odette grows as a character. It also is nice to see the author skills improve as the series progresses. Overall a fun light hearted series that is enjoyable for the character growth.
Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ (manga) Decent I read the first two volume on this series and it was too much for me to take. I don't think I will finish this series unless I find it really cheap. I just got too annoyed by the main charachters in this series. I usually am able to put such things aside and enjoy most manga or anime. But, unfortunately, I was not able to do this with this series. Admitly, there were some memorable moments, but not enough for me to stick with it. Maybe I will feel differently later
Kieli (manga) Good
Knights (manga, Minoru Murao) Decent 4/7/2009 I read volume 1 tonight and it was good in certain ways and just plain cheesy in others. The anti-Christian theme through out the manga was just annoying for me. I studied the different witch hunts (Inquisitions) and it could have been shown a lot more accurately and still stay well with in the spirit of the manga. I don't think I will actively follow this one, but I don't think volume 2 will get released by DMP anytime soon. I just hope Enchanter keeps its releases going. The other stuff aside, it was interesting to see how the main character Mist fought against the witch hunts and saved the girl Nina. Euphemia is Mist's companion and partner in his quest against the witch hunts and she is a interesting character that is a borderline sexaholic. If the author shapes things better than this volume it turn out to be a manga that I upgrade in rating, but the inaccuracies and the anti-Christian stuff just piss me off. The history buff in me won't let me upgrade this title. I guess too many years of history classes and studying to let those issues slide.
(The) Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (manga) Excellent
Maid-sama! (manga) Excellent 4/7/2009 I just read volume 1 tonight and it was excellent. Romance comedies are really hit or miss with me and this one was very enjoyable. I really empathize with Misaki and like her character. She is the student council president and has a part time job as a maid in a cafe (Just in case you couldn't have guessed on your own.) Takumi Usui is the other main character in the story and he goes to Misaki's school and is the stereo typical good at school and sports type of manga character. Hiro Fujiwara does an excellent job of developing the characters in the manga and has good story going too. ----------------------Paragraph------------------------------I think she is one of my new favorite authors. Their is a sweet short story in the middle of the manga called "Transparent" and is one of Hiro Fujiwara's early works. It was a really nice story and was a fun read. I won't go into too much detail on the story so I don't spoil anything. ----------------------Paragraph------------------------------"Maid Sama" is definitely worth checking out. The only things holding me back on rating this a masterpiece is that I have only read one volume of the series and the printing job done by Tokoyopop is horrible in this volume. There were ink smudges on every couple of pages. Maybe I just got a bad volume, but this will not stop me from loving this series.
Maria Holic (manga) Good 3/1/10 I have read through volume 3 in this series because originally there was such a stir on A.N.N. that I confess I just got curious and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I usually don't take to comedy that easily and though I would just find it stupid, but I found it very funny and crude. I could understand why some would get offended by this series. Because this series made me laugh I will stick with it and long as it stays fun.
Momogumi Plus Senki (manga) Decent 8/3/09 I just read volume 1 of Momogumi Plus Senki, and it was interesting and fun at times, but it is still too early to tell how this manga will turn out. I will buy volume 2 because I want too see what kind of character development it will have or will it end up with so many other manga that have had promise. I like the characters and the premise is entertaining so I will stick with this one. Check out the free preview on Tokoyopop’s website if you are interested and want to find out if this manga is for you or not. At this time I will rate this title as ok because of the number of spelling and grammar errors. I am not picky, but there was a quite a few.
MPD-Psycho (manga) Excellent I have read through volume 9 and it is a strange, but entertaining series for those with a strong stomach.
My Dearest Devil Princess (manga) Very good So far I have read through volumes one & two; they are entertaining and really do enjoy seeing how Maki's and Keita's relationship does develope. In the second volume the angel and Miki have started to get annoying, but not so much so that it takes away from the fun of reading this manga series. I am looking forward to getting the third volume when it comes out.
Negima! Magister Negi Magi (manga) Masterpiece So far I have read through volumes 1-10. I am three quarters through volume 10 and stopped right before Negi enters the martial arts tournament for the Mahora Festival. I am looking forward to seeing how he does fighting after all the training he has done with Evangeline. The whole time travel thing is not bad; it is nice to see where the premise for it came from for the anime. Nodaka's character seems to me to have a lot more depth and she is not nearly as afraid of things in the anime. As a whole I like the manga a lot better. In fairness I would never have gotten into the manga without the anime though. I highly recommend this series to anyone and it is a very fun read.----------3-6-09 I have read through volumes 11-20 am up to date on this series. I really liked the Mahora festival arc and like how the characters have been developing so far. I like how the pactio partners have been progressing and I wonder who will be made a partner next. Volume 20 ended on a huge cliff hanger. I can't wait for volume 21 to come out. ****As of 3/6/2009 I am upgrading Negima from Excellent to Masterpiece. This series is just to fun for me to read not to upgrade its rating.****---------3/24/09 I read volume 21 last night and it continues Negi and class in the Magical Word. It is a fun arc for the story. The group get separated and is gathering to find one another as problems arise. A great fun volume.
Nephylym (manga by R. Kusakabe) Excellent I have read volume 1 and it was an intro the characters mainly. Not too much going on except the explaination of the powers of the characters. I bought this one because I really liked the art and the cover. Not the best reason to buy a series, but I had a coupon burning a hole in my pocket. More to come when I read through volume 2. ----------------I read volume 2 last night and it got much more into the character developement and got away from the introductions in volume one. Shun and Sonorie relationship gets deeper and we get some more info on the their powers. This volume is much better than the first. Shun also has a test with his powers with Sonorie's brother. More to come in volume 3. I am upgrading this from very good to Excellent.
Ninja Girls (manga) Very good I have only read 2 volumes, but from what I have read so far convinces me to stick with this series a little longer. It has some interesting characters and plot twists that keep looking forward to it.
Old Boy (manga) Excellent
Oninagi (manga) Excellent 4-22-09 I read this one last week and I usually write these while the manga is fresh in my mind, but I did not get a chance that night. The story relvolves around a girl that seems to have powers that she is not aware of and that of another girl that is a demon hunter. The demon hunter girl is convinced that the other girl is a demon. The story goes on from their, but it is good and well done too. The translation from I can tell is good too. Definately check this one out.
Orfina (manga) Very good 5/11/09 I read volumes 1-2 of Orfina tongiht. A nice series that I will follow that is in the fantasy genere. The main character is Fana and she is saved by Princess Orfina's wolf after she was injured in a battle. The Royal family treats her as family and Fana is touched by there kindness. Orfina and Fana become fast friends and they look like twins as well. It is just the calm before the storm and the Kindom of Granze attacks the Kindom of Cordia where Fana is staying. Troubles insue and thats where the story takes off. A great manga that I will continue to follow.
Phantom Dream (manga)
Pita-Ten (manga) Very good I bought the volume 1 boxset (Volumes 1-4) and read them over the weekend. This is a slow starting manga and after I read volume 1 I was a little disapointed. I kept reading and after I got through the series it got surprisingly good. The character development was good and the interacts between the different characters were somewhat annoying with those catch phrases. Once I put that aside I got into the story and before I knew what was going on volume 4 was over. If you can get volumes 1-4 cheap not a waste of time and was an entertaining read.
Princess Resurrection (manga) Good 3/15/2009 I read volumes 1 & 2 and I be honest, I was not expecting anything from this series and I enjoyed it much more than I expected. I enjoyed the story and the theme of the manga a lot. I will pick up the rest of the series this week.------------------3/17/2009 I read volumes 3, 4, & 5 last night and they were interesting. Spoiler-----------------------------So Hime is a young pheonix. Wow, I did not see that coming. I guess, this series is more of a guilty pleasure for me. I did not expect to like this series and it struck a cord with me. I guess it is because I like some of the characters and want to see what is going to happen to them next. Overall, I this is a fun series to read. It is not meant to be taken too serously.
Queen of Ragtonia (manga) Excellent 4/9/2009 I just read volume 1 and it was an interesting fantasy/horror manga. I will definitely be following this series. The translation is great and the artwork is nice. I really got into the characters and wanted to see what they would do next. Falna is journeying with a companion by the name of Cardus to fight and kill the Necromancer who stole Falna's eye & legs and Cardus's eye. There is a lot more to it than that but if I say too much it will spoil the story. Regardless to say definitely check this one out.
(The) Qwaser of Stigmata (manga) So-so
RIN-NE (manga) Very good 4/23/09 I read the chapter 1 preview on Viz's website and it was good. Not enough to tell how the story will go, but enough to give you a taste of what might come later too. I am eager to see how this series will go.
Rosario + Vampire Season II (manga) Excellent
Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi (manga) Very good 7/6/09 I just read Samurai harem: Asu no Yoichi volume 1 and it had some interesting character developement. At the same time though it did Ibuki Ikaruga did remind a bit of Naru from Love Hina which did get old at times. All in all, this manga volume was fun to read and I look forward to seeing where the story will go. --------------------------On 10/3/09 I just read volume 2 of Samurai Harem and it was funny and interesting. It is pretty extreme on the fan service side of things, but I don’t mind that. Tokyopop has drastically improved on there paper quality in this issue too. Yoichi faces off with some assassins and even goes on a date with Ibuki. All in all a fun filled volume I enjoyed reading for some mindless fun after a hard week at work.
Saving Life (manga) Good
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei (manga) Masterpiece 3/21/2009 One of the most unique manga I have read so far. Volume one of this series was very entertaining and the translation notes were very numerous (12 pages to be exact). The manga flowed nicely and the numerous reference didn't impede the reading of volume one. The translation was great and must have been a hard project. I don't think the anime will ever be dubed though. This is because it would be very hard to do right and maintain the originallity of the series. It probably end up with some half baked job. Although if done right, I would throughly enjoy this anime with a good dub. As for the manga I will follow this one and enjoy re-reading again once volume 2 comes out. Until then enjoy this one.---------------5/17/09 I finally got my hand on volume 2 and there was more of same good fun in this volume that attracted me to the first. I suggest focusing on the references in the end after you read the story once and then read through them so you don't destroy the flow of the story. After that then tackle the references after you have had some time to re-read it.
Shiki Tsukai (manga) 5/31/09 I read volumes 1-4 a few weeks ago Shiki Tsukai was an entertaining series that reminded me a bit of Aranjuna with the environmental theme except this series uses seasons. I will stick with the series, but it has a slow release date.
Shugo Chara! (manga) Decent
Sola (manga) Excellent I read through volume 1 in under an hour and I am looking forward to getting the next volume. It was a fairly engaging story that grew on me. In the first 10 to 20 pages I didn't know what to think of the series, but at about half way through I could not have put down the Sola even if I wanted too. I hope volume 2 comes out soon. I don't think they will release the anime for region 1 though. If this is the case I will have to check out some fan subs. I really like this storyline and the characters so I hope everything gets released soon.
Soul Eater (manga) Good
Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning (manga) Good I have read volume 1 and am stopped in the middle of volume 2. My ADD kicked in and I got distracted and have not started it up again even though I own up through volume 10! I seriously got to catch up on my reading. Does anyone even read these? If so please send me a pm and let me know what you think. If I knew some people actually read these I would keep up with them more regularly.
Strawberry 100% (manga) Excellent 3-11-09 I read volume 1 and it is a good series for seeing how strange situations can have far reaching effects on people. It is nice to see how the characters are beginning to grow, but at the same time it has the same effect Angel Sanctuary had on me. This story can be fusterating yet fun to read. I am looking forward to volume 2.
Strawberry Panic! (manga) Very good 4/11/2009 I read volumes 1 & 2 over last night and today and it was an interesting tale of two girls who fall in love, but yet have emotional baggage to overcome. One Shizuma was in love and her lover Kaori had an incurable disease that killed her. I guess I sympathize with Shizuma and Kaori a lot more than most people would because I have an incurable illness myself. This fact did skew my perspective a bit, but not too much so. Nagisa does not have much self confidence on the other hand and is trying to improve herself as a person to become closer to the person she wants to be. Overall, a great story and interesting side plots and other girls falling in love with some love triangles thrown in for good measure. I hope they release volume 3, but I don't think I will hold my breath waiting on this one. I may have to check out the anime even though I don't particularly like subtitles. With subtitles I usually end up pausing to DVD too much and spoil the rhythm of the anime. Anyway, check this one out if you have a good deal on it or have a coupon burning a hole in your pocket like I did.
Sumomomo, Momomo - The Strongest Bride on Earth (manga) Excellent 5/31/09 I just read volume 1 Sumomomo Momomo and it was a lot of fun to read. At first it started slowly, but after the first few pages it went fast. A great series and it has some funny and interesting characters. I am looking forward to volume 2.
Sundome (manga) Excellent I have just read through volume 1 and it was very different than I thought it was going to be. Sundome shattered my preconception by being surprisingly funny and whitty manga. The story and character developement was excellent. If the series keeps going as it has it should be fun and interesting series to follow.----------I read through volumes 2 & 3 and they were good. This series is more of a guilty pleasure for me I guess. It is unlike any other anime I have read to date. I am looking forward to volume 4 to see what happens next. If this series keeps being this good I will have to raise my rating on this series. I guess it will come down to the ending. I wonder how many books are in this series? Only 4 books! Well, I guess I will find out how this series ends in Jan of 2009.--------------------------------3/14/09 I read volume 4 over the weekend and it was a good volume and more of the some type of thing as the prior volumes. I hope this is not the last volume, because none of the major problems for the characters were solved and they were barely addressed. Don't get me wrong it was a fun read, I just am expecting more from the series.
Sword of the Dark Ones (manga) Good 7/22/09 I read volume one a couple on months ago and just tracked down volume 2 of Sword of the Dark ones. It was an interesting read and went deeper into Leroy's character, which was nice to have him get more depth. I am glad I read the series so far, but I just realized why blind buys can be dangerous and that is because there is only one more book to the series. I don't see how they can properly conclude things with only one volume left, but I will track it down and find out for myself.
Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee (manga) Excellent 9/10/2009 I just read volume 1 of Tegami Bachi (aka Letter Bee) and it was surprisingly entertaining. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I bought it because it had color pages in it and I liked the art. The story was nice and I liked the characters and the story has the potential to become something really good. I have been disappointed before, but I don’t expect to be with this series. Volume 2 is not coming out till 2010, which is disappointing. This is a series not to be missed.
Tena on S-string (manga) Good 7/26/09 I read volume 1 of Ten on S-string today and it was certainly one of the more different manga I have read in a while. I bought this one on a blind buy and it was good and entertained me. The character development was a little lacking, but I will check out volume 2. I think that the premise of the story is interesting and I like the art.-----2/20/10 I read volume 2 and it has gotten better and there has been more character development too. Shocking I know, whats next foreshadow? No, its a love rival and a very clichéd one at that. He falls in love with the girl that has no interest in him and has legions of girls already after him.(Grone) That aside it was a fun volume.
Tengu-Jin (manga) Good 4/7/09 A bit of a depressing manga. This was not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I get depressed easily so I was caught a bit off guard with this one. This manga deals with when the Japanese gods descend back down to Earth and the different ordeals they go through. Tengu are gods that grant the wishes of those around them. The catch is that they can not grant there own wishes. When they grant a wish it diminishes their own life force. To have the there wish granted they must ascend to the next order of god. To do so they must east fellow gods and doing so takes one year for each one they eat. Apparently there is a supreme goddess that rules over the earth and the lesser gods and she set forth disasters to correct the balance on earth. The Tengu are charged with removing the peril once it is no longer needed. Two twin brothers enter the story and one is a god. (Aka Tengu) The story follows the other brother’s adventure to stop another Tengu from eating his twin. You get the general premise of the story now, don't you? Anyway, this was a good enough manga for me to get the next volume when and if it comes out.
Tsubasa: Those With Wings (manga) Excellent 3/12/2009 Also known as Tsubasa: Those With Wings volume 1 is a surprisingly fun and unique manga. Its by the author of Fruit Basket and is about Kotobuki (a thief in revovery) and Raimon and their journey across the land so Kotobuki can find a job. Kotobuki has been alone most of her life and does not know how to relate to people well and Raimon is one of her only friends. As their journey together proggreses it clear that each of them has feelings for one another. Although Kotobuki is scared and unsure how to express them to Raimon and if she is worthy to do so because of her back ground. A all around incredible story and anyone should check it out. Volume one is a double issue too.
Vampire Doll: Guilt-na-Zan (manga) Decent 5/31/09 I read volume 1 of Vampire Doll and it was funny and entertaining as well. I can't say that any of the humor was ground breaking matterial, but it still had enough there that will make me check out the next 4 volumes.
Vampire Knight (manga) Excellent --3/24/09 I have read volumes 1 & 2 and it is a fun series. I like how the different relations in the human and vampire factions interact. I am interest to find out how they will coexist or will they be at each other throats. Yuki and Kaname are lead characters along with Zero one Yuki's adoptive brother/childhood friend. Kaname saved Yuki's life when she was around six. A great overall series.---------------------3/28/09 I finally had a chance to read through volumes 3-6 this week. This is definately an excellent series. I wonder if Yuki will be able to become a vampire and be with Kaname. Well, I hope so anyway. I am not too fond of the Zero character. I find him more whiney and abrasive than anything else. Overall, A very fun series. Anyone should definately check it out.
Variante (manga) So-so I read volume 1 and it is not turning out to be a series I think I will continue to follow. It begining to sound as if this story can only end tragically and with a sad conclusion. The way they are treating Aiko in "The organization" is reprehensible; if I ever found a government sponsored company doing anything like that to anyone I know, I would not be able to hold myself back. Of course, I am not a fan of big government or politicians in general. I might buy volumes 2 & 3 if they are cheap enough, but I don't like the vibes this manga is giving me.
Wild Ones (manga) Very good I have currently read through volumes 1-5 and it was a fun read so far, but this relationship of the main characters either needs to happen and get developed or not. I gues my opinion will end up depending on how volume six goes. ------ I read volume 6 a couple of nights ago. Not a bad volume but lacking in the originalitly department. I was expecting more from this volume, but I will stick with this series because I like the author.
Wish (manga) Very good I read volume 1 and it was a fun read and only time will tell if things will get better. Not a bad series to read if you can find it for the right price. I really was not sure what to expect, but I gave it a shot because it was by Clamp. I am glad a gave it a shot. I seemed like a knock off of "Ah My Goddess at times" and it seemed a far fetched. I will track down the next volume though. I will give this a Very Good rating.*******I just read volume 2 and it goes through what happened to Shuichiro's mom and Kohaku learns that their might be more to her relationship to Shuichiro than she thinks. A great volume and it improved my view on this series so I will upgrade it to Excellent.
Yokai Doctor (manga) Excellent 5/31/09 I read volume 1 of Yokai Doctor tonight and it was interesting to see a different take on the spiritualist theme. The two main characters Kotoko, a school girl who see spirits and Kuro a Yokai Doctor (aka Monoke) are interesting and Kotoko first talks to Kuro because she suspects he can see spirits too. This is where the story begins for them and the friendship and adventures with Yokai begins. A nice take on an over done story theme. An excellent manga.
Your & My Secret (manga) Very good 4/8/2009 I just read volumes 1-4 and it was different, but entertaining. I found the story funny and easy going. It was about all I was in mode for after a horror manga I read called "Arkham Woods." The horror manga was good, but I can only read stuff like that in small doses. Your and My Secret is centered Akira who ends up in Momoi's (A girl that Akira likes.) body who is a class mate. Shiina, Momoi's friend, falls in love with Momoi while she is in Akira's body. Akira's friend Senbongi, falls in love with Akira while in Momoi's body. This is where all the drama happens. Akira is freaked out about everything and wants to get back to his old body right away. Momoi is the dominering type of tomboy girl and does not want to go back to her own body right away. Akira, who never sticks up for himself and is very femine in nature does anything Momoi tell him to. An interesting premise to say the least. Would call this a love square? Anyway this manga is a fun story and I will be intersted to see how things turn out.
Yozakura Quartet (manga)

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A.I. Love You (manga) Masterpiece I have read through volume 3 in this series. It is what got me into reading manga again and this was very recently for me. I am having a lot of fun reading through this series. With some luck, I will be able to track down the rest of it.-----------3/10/2009 After finshing Angel Sanctuary last night I need to read some fun and easy going. Volume 4 of A.I. Love You fit the bill for me. Once I again I released why I started reading this series to begin with and that is the character interaction. I love how they play of each other in this series. A character 40 gets introduced and does that Ranma gender bending thing. It got silly at times and went back over to serious while keeping the fun spirit of the series going for me. Oh well, on to volume 5 tonight.-----------3/11/2009 I finished reading volume 8 last night and thus finishing up the series and volumes 7 & 8 are the best in the series. I was expecting the easy going fun of the series to continue, but it became sudenly serious and really good. I recomend this series to anyone and am upgrading it from excellent to masterpiece.
After School Nightmare (manga) Good This series was good and I bought it cheap on ebay, but it was nothing spectacular. The ending left me scratching my head a bit and yet was still a good conclusion, but I really shouldn't be buying every good deal I come across.
Alice on Deadlines (manga) Excellent So far I have read through the first three volumes of AOD and it starts off slow, but wow it sure does get good. I was not expecting much and bought this just to pass some time because I had nothing better to do. Anyway getting back on track, the first volume is mainly just an intro and the second volume slowly starts to devlope the character of Alice and Lapan. At this point into the second volume I still did not know what to think of this manga and it was fun in parts and the fan service was alright, but it was still lacking. By the last half of the third volume AOD comes on strong and ties together a few big nagging questions. It leaves things on a great edge. I hope the forth volume will be just as exciting. I think I am going to have to force myself to write these right after I read the manga and it is more fresh in my mind. It does make more of a difference than I realized. ..................................................I just read volume 4 and it was good, but it seemed a bit rushed towards the end. All in all it was a fun series to read. A anime adaptation would be interesting to see. I hope the author comes out with some more manga for some of these characters.
Angel Sanctuary (manga) Excellent I just bought this series and got volumes 1-20 for $70. Over the weekend I read volumes 1-7. I bought this series after seeing the anime and wanted to see what would happen next. I find the setting and the story interesting because after taking a research course on Dante this stuff is familar to me. Not an easy story to describe, but I suggest you check out the anime to see if it is something your speed. -------------I just finish volumes 8-10(part of), which is the end of the Setsuna in hell. There were some surprising revolations and the story has stayed interesting and has not got boring for me. I am glad I bought this manga.---------3/10/09 I just finished this series and it was a fun read. Setsuna wins the day and gets to be back with Sara (wohoo). Like I didn't see that one comming. I was expecting a little more style and eligence that the series has been know for before. Oh well, I guess there is no easy way to portray Heaven. Overall I am glad I tracked down this series to read. At times I was cursing this book and other loving it, Angle Sanctuary was just that kind of series for me. I got way into this series almost too much so and it made it fun for me to read, but stressful too.
Clover (manga, CLAMP) Excellent 5/31/09 I just read the complete collection for Clover and I really liked it. My favorite part was the begining. I would have rated it a master piece, but I do not like tragedies by there very nature. I have enough pain in my own life and do not like to get attached to characters that get hurt and/or killed. Really, whats the point unless you are into seeing others suffer. Overall though a really moving manga and anyone should not hesitate to read this one.
CY-Believers (manga) Excellent 3/10/09 to 3/12/09 This was a surprisingly fun series to read. Although at the time when I started it I did not realize it was only four volumes. I wish it had gone a bit further with the story and character developement. I am glad I read it all the same and I think I might have to check out Crossroads one of this authors other series.
Fairy Cube (manga) Decent 3/7/2009 I read this series last night and it was a good read, but I was looking for depth in the characters and wanted to see where Rin's relationship with Ian would go. It seemed to me that the series ended and it barely touched that angle of things. As for action, there was plenty of that. I bought this one on a whim because I am reading through Angel Sancturary right now and want to see what her other series were like. I did loose my time and it was fun reading Fairy Cube.
Gacha Gacha (manga) Very good 3/22/2009 I just read volume 1 and Gacha Gacha is a fun varation on the typical haram romance theme. Multiple personalities to be more exact and the main character is Kouhei and the girl he is in love with is Kurara. Her alternate personalities name is Arisa. She is all free spirited about sexuality and Kourara is your typical teenage virgin. Kourara is all up tight about everything and makes Kouhei promise to help her with her little problem. Kourara doesn't remeber anything while she is Arisa and vise versa. This where the problems insue. On now to volume 2.-------------------------3/23/2009 So far I read through volume 4 and story is fast moving. I like things so far, but think it will be hard to end well. Only one volume to go so only time will tell how things will go.----------------3/23/09 I just finished volume 5 and the ending was nice. It was nothing earth shattering, but it suited me fine. I will keep this vague so I don't spoil the ending. Well, on to Gacha Gacha the next revolution. I would recomend this series to anyone who is into this type of manga and doesn't nit pick on detail and just likes to enjoy an easy going series.
Gacha Gacha: The Next Revolution (manga) Excellent 3/23/2009 So far I have read volumes 1 & 2 and they have been funny and interesting. I guess mainly because it reminds me of Ranma 1/2, but with out the fighting. Akira and Yurika certainly are an interesting pair. I wonder if they will realize that a person doesn't fundamentally change as person just because you look different. Although, I doubt this manga was ever meant to be taken that seriously. Still it will be fun to see if love will conquer all or will Akira's transformations be too much of a hurdle for Akira and Yurika to over come. I hope I can track down volume 3 soon. Some times I just wish there were book stores around me that carried older manga titles. Although half the fun is tracking down the volumes too sometimes! I guess its ok as long as the manga series is just as fun to buy as it is to read.-----------------------4/22/09 I read through volumes 3-8 and it was interesting and still a lot of fun to read. I think this series is going to turn into more of a guilty pleasure for me. I enjoy seeing how Akira's and Yurika's relationship develops along. Granted it does seem to go along at a snail’s pace. All in good fun with the story though and over all a great series.------------------------------------------------9/9/2009 I just read volume 10 of Gacha Gacha and it was more of the same fun. I especially like the April fools day chapter with Yurika’s double. It was a touching chapter and there were a few surprises too. I enjoy this series very much and it’s just the thing to relax me after a stressful day at work.-----3/27/2010 I just read volume 11 and its the final volume of this series, which makes me sad. I have been following this series for a long time now and its been a fun series to read. I will re-read it some time, but I will look forward to Hiroyuki Tamakoshi's next series. I didn't realize that this was the last volume of the series when I bought. Wow, how depressing that is. Oh well, overall I am really glad I read this series because the characters were very endearing and memorable. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest this series to anyone comedy romances or someone looking for something different.
Gunsmith Cats (manga) Excellent 1/22/09 I just read through volume 1 and half of 2 of the revised edition last night. A very engaging story and the characters are fun and interesting. I just stopped reading around the part where Rally gets injected with that new designer drug. I wonder what will happen. I will find out tonight. -----------1/30/09 I just finished volume 2 and it was just as fun and exciting to read as it was a couple of days ago. I am really enjoying the characters and the developement in the story thus far. Glad to see Rally is still in one piece, but only God knows how. Will read volume three in a couple of days.--------3/15/2009 I read volume 3 over the weekend and it was an incredible volume. This series is great and will have to track Gunsmith Cats Burst as well. A lot of action and drama with the characters going on. Overall an incredible series. I am upgrading this series from very good to Excellent.----------------3/22/2009 I just finished up this series and it was a lot fun to read. Mainly an action series it is one the best I read so far. I am on to reading Burst.
He is my Master (manga) Decent So far I have read volumes 1-4 and they have been funny, but it the humor that is not for everyone. You will either find this funny or just stupid. I bought this one out of shear boredom with a good coupon so I did break the bank on this series either. I don't know if I will stick with this series. ---------I read volume 5 and it was more of the same stuff. This was an alright series, but the humor ran flat at the end. I was surprised that this was the last volume of the series though. I wonder if the author will be able to come up with something new and bring it to the next level? I am not sure, but I hope so.
Heaven's Will (manga) Good I just read this manga last night and I liked the story and had potential if they had a few other volumes in the manga. Judgeing this work on this volume alone it does come up short and leaves things unsettled. I was disappointed that the there is no other volumes in this series because I would liked to have seen how the story played out. Check it out if you can get it for a good price.
Millennium Snow (manga) Very good 4/27/09 I read volumes 1 & 2 tonight and they were very entertaining. I liked the characters and the story very much. I don't think the author will be comming back to this series though. Not a bad one to go through when you need an easy going short series. I hope the author does come back to this series, but I won't waste time holding my breath.
Pretty Face (manga) Very good I just read this series and while it was a short series it was a fun read. It did get a bit strange in parts, but all in all if you can get this series at a good price don't hesitate to pick this one up.
Psycho Busters (manga) Very good I just read volumes 1 & 2 of this series last night. It was a fast moving story and I got into some of the characters too. This series won't win any awards for originality, but all the same I still like the story. It could be that I have read enough of this type of manga to know any better yet. All the same I will get the next volumes.------I read volume 3 last night and it was more of the same as from the previous volumes. While it was entertaining, I was wishing there was character developement. There was some twists and turns in this volume all in all a nice read.----1/22/09 I read volume 4 over the long weekend and it did reveal a lot of things on whats going on in the story. I was hopeing that the relationships would go some where, but they remain at a pre-school level. They ended volume 4 with me grinding my teeth in fusteration over the lack of developement between Kakeru and Ayano's potential relationship. It better be addressed in the next volume or this mind end my reading of this series. A good volume, but it is starting to get old quick and some new type of plot twists would be nice.---------5/17/09 Well, volume 5 finally came out and there was finally some movement in Kakeru and Ayano's relationship dare I say it. This volume was entertaining and it had some interesting character developement in the story while at the same time ending the last cliff hanger and setting the scene for the fore front of new trouble on the horizon. All in all if you have been following the series this far you must check out this volume.
Ral Ω Grad (manga) Decent 3-31-09 I bought volume 1-3 last week and read them a few days ago. I should have done my write up on it days ago. Oh well, what can you do. I had lot of fun reading this series and one my favorite parts is in the beginning when Ral meets Mio, his teacher, for the first time. I almost died laughing. I guess after seeing some of the dismal reviews on this series I guess I have to call this series more of guilty pleasure. I won't hesitate to recommend this series. I just wish volume 4 were already out.-------------------------------5/31/09 I just read [b]volume 4 of Ral Grad[/b] and it was weak. I guess I hoping for a satisfying conclusion to the series that started off with some promise. I guess I guess I shouldn't have gotten sucked in by the flashy cover and fan service. As a whole I have read worse series, but I have read far better ones as well. I will think twice before picking up any of this author's stuff again. Because of the weakness of volume 4 and its bad ending I downgrading this series from very good to decent.
(The) Record of a Fallen Vampire (manga) Good 4/12/2009 Over the last two nights I have read volumes 1-4. I would have bought this series much sooner if I had released how well done it really was. The character development is some of the best I have seen in a while. The plot moves along at a good pace as well. I don't want to go into the story because it is heavily driven by discovering the unexpected and how you piece together the truth for yourself. Basically, it comes down to you speculating what you think did happen and what will happen. Overall, an excellent manga and I don't hesitate to recommend this one to anyone who enjoys this genre.-----------------------4/23/09 I read volume 5 today and it was great. It went into depth on the background of why Akabara is doing what he is and the past ackording to his adoptive daughter Bridget. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but one of the best volumes in the series so far. I think after this volume I will have to track down Spiral. I guess I can't judge this series based on the anime alone anymore.----------5/1/2010 I just finished volume 9 the last volume of the series and I have down graded this from excellent to good worth seeing. I have a number of reasons for doing this and first and foremost is that with all the the potential this story had it had a way too unoriginal ending. The ending was far from the worst ending I have ever read, but it just didn't sit well with me. Who wants to see characters they have followed for nine volumes to end up with separate, but equal as an answer. If I saw more I will spoil the story. My last thoughts are that this series has excellent character development and the foreshadowing is top notch.
Rosario + Vampire (manga) Excellent This is the second manga series I have gone through so far. I really liked the character and developement and the interaction between Moka and Tsukune in the first three volumes of the series. The relationship developement between Moka and Tsukune is also fun to follow. I can't wait for volume 4 to come out.--------------I just read through volume 4 and the group goes on a field trip to the human world and get into trouble with the local witch. They developed the little witch character in the group.(Forgive me I suck at remembering names) Not the most exciting volume, but I am looking forward to volume 5.---------------------I just read volume 5 last night and it was filled with the normal fun and had a few surprises too also. I guess Moka has been biting Tsukune one too many times. I love reading this series.-----------3/11/2009 I read volume 6 last night and story gets serious here too after I finished A.I. Love you. It got really good and got into the difference between Tsukune's and Moka's existences and fact that Moka has been a lot more worried about Tsukune than she has been letting on. This one ends on a big cliff hanger. This is one of the best volumes of the series so far for me.------------------------------5/31/09 I finished volume 7 a few weeks ago and it was spectacular. Everything was wrapped up in the current storyline in terms of the current fight going down. While on the Moka and Tsukune front they release that they are both very important to each other and starting release they want to be more than friends. An interesting new pretense for then next volume is started as well. Overall an important volume to the series that must be checked out by any fan of the series.------------------8/3/09 I just read volume 8 of Rosario+Vampire, and it was an amazing amount of fun to read. This series just keeps getting better and better. Ruby is back and working at the school, just in case you couldn’t tell by the cover. Tsukune and Moka’s circle of friends get closer too. For any fan of this series it is not a volume to miss.----------------------10/8/09 I just read volume 9 of Rosario+Vampire and it was once again very enjoyable for me. I really like the characters and their interactions with once another. It was nice to get an introduction to Kurumu’s and Mizore’s parents. It would have been nice to get a little more background on them though. We got a brief glance at Yukari’s parents, but there was no development on them yet in this volume. Tsukune’s cousin was introduced to group in this volume as well. The last story arc ended happily, but it could have used to some depth in the plot end of things. Overall, this volume was great for October because Halloween is right around the corner.
Tetragrammaton Labyrinth (manga) Excellent Today I am reading through Tetragrammaton Labyrinth and so far I have read through volumes 1-4 that I bought last night. I had heard lots of contrasting opinions about the series, but all in all I like the series. I had been holding off reading it because I could not find volume 1 in the stores that I frequent. Well story wise it reminds me a bit of Chrono Crusade, but not too much so. The story involves two girls, one is Meg a sister in the church, and the other is Angela. They fight demons together and try their best to make a difference in the city of London. I really enjoyed see how Meg and Ann’s (Meg’s nickname for Angela) relationship has developed so far. There have been many different hard times and experiences for both girls, but they make it through them mostly because of their strong feelings for each other. A fun story so far and now I am off to read volume 5.-------------------5/9/2009 (Later the same day.) I just finished volume 5 of Tetragrammaton Labyrinth and it goes more into the same except that a few Roma (Gypsies) are introduced as a side plot. It is a touching story that ties well with the theme of the manga. Meg and Angela are still working to try to fully awaken Angela’s Scythe. This particular volume ends on a big cliff hanger, but I will definitely look forward to volume 6.
Voiceful (manga) Excellent 4/10/09 What can I say about Voiceful? Well, first off it was really well written and the artwork was great. Basically it is a book of short stories that focuses on how two girls meet and find out that they are important to each other. The stories hint at something more might develop, but end off before you find out. Honestly I really liked Voiceful and wish it had a longer story, but as my intro book into Yuri manga it was excellent. I really did not know what to expect because I have not been reading manga that long. I hope the author Nawoko writes some manga even if they are short stories again. Maybe I get lucky and Nawoko will develop the Voiceful story some more. In conclusion all of the stories were excellent setups for longer series. I am glad my first book in Yuri Manga's was Voiceful because it was a touching series of stories.