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Assassination Classroom (manga) Excellent I was drawn to this by the anime starring Sonny Strait as Koro-sensei. Haven't bought the anime, but it's on my Wish List. Have recently read V3; only V1 is left. Will buy V20 & V21 when they come out.
Chobits (manga) Good This is 1 of the early classics by CLAMP. I got V7 in a swap meet & it's definitely good. If I ever read the rest of the series (8 volumes), I'll probably rate it higher. I'll see if the library has any copies; Tokyopop is out of business, so if I wanted more volumes, I'd have to get it on RightStuf or used on Amazon.

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Bakuman. (manga) Very good This is an odd, but very good, slice-of-life series by the creators of Death Note. A manga-creating team starts in middle school, & the artist's crush has a dream to become an anime voice actress. Still available in bookstores, by Viz under its Shonen Jump imprint. If you don't think making manga can be portrayed similar to shonen battles, think again. Comedy is key also; different, but a very good series. BTW, it went 20 volumes; do you think the heroes & heroine's dreams came true? ;)
Chibi Vampire (manga by Y. Kagesaki) Good If you like romantic comedies with horror (especially vampires), get this. The main selling point is Karin Maaka being a reverse vampire (she makes blood & has to inject it into others via fangs). I finally finished it at the library a few years ago. However, Tokyopop no longer has the rights, so check Amazon or eBay for used copies. Still, if you want a different but funny take on vampires & the Twilight saga makes you barf, give Chibi Vampire a read.