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Inuyasha (TV) Good InuYasha is a good anime; I haven't seen the whole series on [adult swim] & probably won't. However, the characters & relationships are fun & the action & stories aren't bad. If you see it on [as], you might even like it.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (movie) Good Just above Decent; if you like DBZ & want to see the band back together, along with some new characters & killer fights, get this. However, if you're watching Dragon Ball Super, either skip this movie, or skip the 1st 14 episodes of Super, since it's a rehash of this movie. Fun movie, great to see all the old characters, plus Beerus & Whis.
Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit (TV) Excellent This is a visually beautiful series & worth it for the characters & story also. It's based on the 1st novel in the Moribito series by Nahoko Uehashi (translated by Cathy Hirano & published by Scholastic). Media Blasters said on an Anime Today podcast that the anime is faithful to the novel. Action is sprinkled through the novel & the anime, but when it hits you, you know it! I'm a diehard who got up even early Sunday mornings to watch Adult Swim; it needed all the ratings help it could get. Recently bought & watched the Complete Collection; worth the wait.
Witchblade (TV) Very good Yes, this series has fanservice; in fact, call it T&A. But the core of the show that goes to the end is the relationship between Masane Amaha & her 6-year old daughter Rihoko. The first half of the series focuses on fights, corporate intrigue and yes, T&A. The last half, however, focuses on the question "What is Family?" Fights & fanservice are still there as bonuses. Worth your time & worth buying the Box Set if you haven't collected the series.