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What the Judges Are Looking for in the TATESC Comics Global Awards Contest

by TATESC (Paid Advertisement),

So, you want to win the 1st TATESC Comics Global Awards and get not only the sizable cash prize but have your own manga professionally published as well? Well then, it would certainly help to know what exactly the contest's judges are looking for. So here's what one of the English language judges had to say on the subject.

What genres of manga are you looking for?
Any genre will be welcome! Of course popular genres like fantasy, romance, and comedy are all accepted—as well as more niche genres.

Should a submission to be a twist on a common genre or should it be something radically different from the norm?
It's still important that a work appeal to readers of TATESC comics, so something completely different from what people are used to might have issues attracting an audience—but feel free to be unique.

Are you looking for widespread appeal or something more niche and nuanced?
We will be judging each work based on how well it could appeal to the audience it is addressing. So whether widespread or tightly focused, what matters is if it matches its audience or not.

Should the submission be a complete story?
Not necessarily. It can definitely be a build up to something much bigger.

Should the submission end on a cliffhanger?
Please use your judgment on whether ending your submission in that way would be the most effective way of telling your story.

Is it a good idea to read past winners' manga before submitting my entry?
Past winners, but also other popular vertical scrolling comics or ones in genres you enjoy, can give you ideas for how to start—but please don't just copy other people's work. Make sure to make something of your own!

Which is more important, art or story?
That depends on the work! If you feel your strength lies in one or the other, make sure you show off the aspect where you shine the most.

Is it okay for a submission to be in black and white? Or should it be fully colored?
Please use color in your submissions. How complex your coloring is is up to you, but TATESC comics are generally in color and not black and white.

How important is creatively incorporating the vertical scrolling format?
This is definitely a factor when evaluating the entries. Effective use of the medium is important.

What advice do you have on making a successful submission?
Don't miss the submission deadline!

So there you have it. For all the 1st TATESC Comics Global Awards rules, prizes, and how to submit your vertically scrolling manga, be sure to check out the official contest page. Good luck!

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