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Anime News Network Translation Policy

The following guide outlines Anime News Network policy regarding translation of AnimeNewsNetwork.com news articles into languages other than English.

This policy applies only to news articles and does not grant any permissions in relation to interest articles, convention reports, reviews or columns. The intent is to provide small websites with more rights in regards to the translation of our news than is normally granted by fair use/fair dealing clauses.

News articles can be identified by their URL which will be look like this:
If the part in bold is not present in the article's URL it is not a news article and permission is not granted to translate it.

Small websites are defined as websites that generate less than $6000 US Dollars per year in gross revenue AND receive less than 10,000 unique visitors per month.

Anime News Network, Inc. (ANN) grants the operators of Non-English-language websites (subsequently referred to as "Translators") the right to translate news articles published on AnimeNewsNetwork.com into languages other than English (subsequently referred to as Translations), provided the following:
  • The Translations may only be posted on small websites;
  • The articles must clearly list AnimeNewsNetwork.com as the source of the original article and link directly to the original article;
  • If an entire news article is translated, the translation must also include a link to the original source if one is linked to in the original articles;
  • If additional information or commentary is added to the translation, it must be made plainly evident to the reader which content is translated from the original article and which content is not part of the original article;
  • Translators do not have any rights to grant use of the Translations any other entities;
  • Translators agree to check this policy at least once a month and comply with any changes within 15 days of checking this policy;
  • Translators agree not to reproduce any content which may be illegal in their state or country or any content that may infringe on other parties rights and agrees to indemnify ANN against any claims that may arise as a result of Translators use of the Translations;
  • Translators agree to inform ANN by e-mail at [email protected] prior to their first translation stating that they agree to the terms of this agreement and providing the URL at which the translations will be found;
  • Translators agree to inform ANN should they wish to produce 3 or more Translations per week;
  • Translators performing 3 or more translations per week agree to inform ANN any time they chose to stop producing Trnaslationsl
  • Translators agree to abide by any demands made by ANN due to the rights reserved by ANN below.

Further, please be aware that reserves the following rights and Translators agree to comply with these rights:
  • ANN reserves the right to change this policy at anytime in the future and the new policy will immediately become effective in regards to all Translators and Translations, regardless of when these translations were first made;
  • ANN reserves the right to remove permission from any Translator to translate articles from AnimeNewsNetwork.com;
  • ANN reserves the right to demand the removal of any and all Translations from Translator's website at any time for any reason;
  • ANN reserves the right to create and publish a list of selected Translators and their URLs.

  • This policy does not grant Translators any rights beyond those specified above; additionally it does not limit any rights granted to them by the fair use, fair dealings or similar clauses enshrined in their country or state's laws.

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