Anime News Nina! Special Edition Part II

by Robin Sevakis,

Welcome to part 2 of our hiatus-time-filling Anime News Nina! Special Edition series. Each week Robin will select a strip from the archives and give a little director's commentary on each. The strip will return from its hiatus in August.

Click the image for a full-size version of this strip.

Robin's Commentary

"At what point did this look become sort of a bizarre uniform for a majority of con-going anime fans? I suppose it must have been with the rise in young, teenage fans who have adopted anime fandom as an obnoxious fashion statement. Don't get me wrong- I actually do love stuff like animal ears and tails and wings, but when I walk into a dealer room and nearly everyone is wearing them (including really irritating, rude kids) they start to lose their luster a bit. And when I walk into Best Buy and some girl is STILL wearing all of these things, it starts to look more like the desperate, attention-seeking behavior of a crazy person. I don't want to be associated with that, so now these people have forced me to only wear such accessories in the privacy of my own home. Which makes *me* the crazy person."

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