Anime News Nina!
Special Edition Part III

by Robin Sevakis,

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Robin's Commentary

"Oh anime and anime figurines! You're so awesome despite having sometimes questionable depictions of women, to the inner-turmoil of some feminist/progressive-minded folk everywhere! I have a female friend (I won't name names) who says that if someone saw her shelves full of sexy anime statues, they'd think she had major issues with women. Not to say that everyone who collects figures has lady-issues of course, but I think it's healthy to be able to criticize and analyze things that you love. Anime has such loveable bad ass female characters that, even if you don't think they can be taken too seriously with over-emphasized, well-sculpted camel toe (or want to see them in that light), sometimes you just have to own their 3d depictions anyway. I was thinking of my friend when I made this strip. (And myself)."

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