Anime News Nina!
The End

by Robin Sevakis,

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Dear Readers,

When I first started "Anime News Nina," my original intentions were no deeper than "I want to make a fun web comic in-between my efforts to jump start a career." My brother suggested anime as a thematic starting point, and in the following six years, Nina has indeed seen me through jump-starting my career, moving cross-country, getting married, buying my first home, and finally, taking my own "Nerd Trip of Dreams" to Japan. Nina has essentially been a presence throughout my entire young adulthood. With that level of ubiquity in my life (coupled with my intense sentimentality), it hopefully isn't too embarrassing to admit that simply describing aloud the outline of the final comic gave me a sizable lump in my throat, and actually sending off the final finished strips to Zac led to some tears. Maybe a few of you feel the same way, but Nina and the gang feel like old friends at this point (even when I mildly resented them. "I can't hang out, I have to work on the comic," was a near-weekly catch phrase of mine).

But this is all a bit heavy for a goofy, squishy little comic about the media we all love. Thank you for reading, enjoying, and discussing Nina over the years. It was really fun to express all the things we love, hate, or find ludicrous about our favorite hobby and laugh at them. More thanks go to my brother, Justin, who fielded many flustered brainstorming phone calls and was always willing to help with Japanese language or industry knowledge. Thanks to Zac and Chris for allowing Nina to blossom in the first place, giving me creative freedom, and for dealing with my many hiatuses or other assorted hysteria. A special thanks to my husband who, in addition to helping draw the really cool "Redline" parody strip, was Nina's and my biggest supporter throughout all of this. Thanks to the fans out there in Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and anywhere else I may have missed who translated Nina into other languages for more fans world-wide to enjoy. I can't say thank you enough to all of the readers again - I really couldn't have done this comic without you. 

I hope some of you will support my upcoming efforts to publish a printed book collection of "Anime News Nina." Stay tuned to ANN or some of the sites listed below for further news on that. Thanks for your time- I hope you had fun.

Many years of good anime seasons and pooped candy your way,

-Robin Sevakis

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