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Anime Spotlight - Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3

by Justin Sevakis,
July, 2013 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Art Director: Hiroki Matsumoto
    (Strike Witches 2, Strike Witches movie, A-Channel)
Chief Animation Director: Satoru Kiyomaru
    (Rosario + Vampire, Full Moon o Sagashite)
Animation Production


Racing hearts and swelling dreams…

Yamato Yura's heart was filled with excitement for her new high school life once she got into the Stella Women's Academy she admired.

“Maybe… I can change myself here!”

As she lies down in her dorm room with hope in her chest, she finds a Desert Eagle by her pillow?! High School Girls?! Class C3?! Survival Game?!!

The story of a youthful survival game starts here!


Yura Yamato
VA: Yui Makino
Stella Women's Academy High School Division Freshman. She's never played a survival game before, she gets hooked on them once she joins class C3. She has a wild imagination, and when she gets excited she sees the survival game as a real battlefield with live ammo.

Sonora Kashima
VA: Miyuki Sawashiro
Stella Women's Academy High School Division Senior, Class C3 president. She's handsome, bright, and energetic, but careless. She's Yura's roommate in the dorms and instructor in the survival game. She's spent time abroad too. She's an all-rounder with excellent spatial recognition and overwhelming strength.
Karila Hatsuse
VA: Ai Kayano
Stella Women's Academy High School Division Sophomore. Quarter Japanese. She's chivalrous and has a one-track mind. She's C3's ace, and a master close-quarters attacker with fleet-feet.
Honoka Mutsu
VA: Chiwa Saito
Stella Women's Academy High School Division Sophomore. She's calm, collected, caring, and an excellent student with a sharp mind. She's a commander who directs their tactics.
Rento Kirishima
VA: Rima Nishizaki
Stella Women's Academy High School Division Freshman. Class C3's natural airhead who's gentle demeanor sets the mood and relaxes others. She's a lot stronger than she looks. She's a gunner who supports her allies with cover fire.
Yachiyo Hinata
VA: Madoka Yonezawa
Stella Women's Academy High School Division Freshman. She's a bright girl who loves to be spoiled. She's the granddaughter of Stella Women's Academy's dean. She's a sniper specialized in long-range shots.


Yura Yamato
Yui Makino
Sonora Kashima
Miyuki Sawashiro
Karila Hatsuse
Ai Kayano
Honoka Mutsu
Chiwa Saito
Rento Kirishima
Rima Nishizaki
Yachiyo Hinata
Madoka Yonezawa


Original Creator
Masayoshi Kawajiri
Character Design
Manami Umeshita
Chief Animation Director
Satoru Kiyomaru
Air Gun Design
Hisao Muramatsu
Art Director
Hiroki Matsumoto
Color Design
Harumi Takahoshi
Animation Checker
Yasutani Akamatsu
Director of Photography
Tetsuya Sasaki
Sound Director
Jun Watanabe
Kotaro Nakagawa
Music Production
Pony Canyon
Daisuke Hiraki
Animation Production
Opening Theme
“Shape My Story”
by Anna Yano
Ending Theme
“Fire! Class C3!”
by Stella Women's Academy
High School Division Class C3

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