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Anime Spotlight - Buddy Complex

by Anthony Foronda,
January, 2014


Key Staff

Original Story Concept: Hajime Yatate
    (Mobile Suit Gundam, My-Hime, Zegapain, Big O)
Director:Yasuhiro Tanabe
(episodic director Battle Spirits-Brave-, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)
Character design/animation direction:Asako Inayoshi
    (Battle Spirts- Sword Eyes-, Steins;Gate, Fairy Tale)
Mechanical Design:Hiroyuki Taiga
    (Accel World, Xenosaga the Animation, Transformers: Robots in Disguise)
Music Composition:Tatsuya Katou
    (Medaka Box, Free-Iwatobi Swim Club, Kampfer)
Ending Theme Performance:Choucho
 ( Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Legend of Heroes: trails in the Sky )
Animation Production


A brand new original buddy robot drama from Sunrise (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, LOVELIVE!) is here!

This is a meeting that will change destiny itself!


Aoba Watase lived an average, everyday life commuting to high school in the city. On the first day of classes after summer break, Aoba headed to school just like he did every year, but certain events lead him to meet one young boy. The young boy's name was Jyunyou Dio Weinberg, and together, they would change the fate of the world…



Aoba Watase
VA:Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Affiliation: Seiou High School
Grade: 10th

A bright, considerate young man. He excels at athletics, especially basketball.

Jyunyou Dio Weinberg
VA:Kouki Uchiyama

Age 16
Affiliation:Liberty Treaty Confederation
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

He's a young ace pilot who commands one of the newest units, Bradyon. He's calm and stoic, but he has a strong sense of justice in his heart.

Hina Yumihara
VA:Saori Hayami

Affiliation:Seiou High School

Aoba's classmate. She ends up next to him in class following seat changes after the break.

Gengo Kuramitsu
VA: Shou Hayami

Age: 38
Affiliation:Liberty Treaty Confederation

He serves as the captain of the new warship Cygnus. He often seems unreliable and doesn't stand out much, but he gives price orders based on sharp judgment when it counts.

Lene Kleinbeck
VA:Ayumi Fujimura

Age: 27
Affiliation:Liberty Treaty Confederation
Rank: Major

She act's as vice captain to Cygnus. She's an excellent battlefield commander, and Captain Kuramitsu places a lot of trust in her.

Lee Conrad
VA:Tomokazu Sugita

Age: 28
Affiliation:Liberty Treaty Confederation
Rank: Captain

Pilot of Beryl Commander. He acts as the commander of Cygnus' valiancer squad. He's friendly and caring, so he's a bit of an older brother to those aboard Cygnus.

Jarl Duran
VA:Hiroyuki Yoshino

Age: 27
Affiliation:Liberty Treaty Confederation
Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Pilot of Beryl Assault. Though often sarcastic, he sometimes shows great care for his comrades as well.

Elvira Hill
VA:Rina Satou

Affiliation:Liberty Treaty Confederation
Rank: Special Officer

She's in charge of controlling and maintaining the new tactical systems. She's an extremely skilled researcher, and her personality is bright and active.

Mayuka Nasu
VA:Kana Hanazawa

Affiliation:Liberty Treaty Confederation
Rank: Corporal, Special Officer Aide

She serves as Special Officer Elvira's aide, but practical matters are left in her care. She's honest and straightforward, but a bit shy.

Anessa Rossetti
VA:Marina Inoue

Affiliation:Liberty Treaty Confederation
Rank: Corporal/Operator

She's the operator in charge of controlling Cygnus' Valianecer. Unlike her friend Mayuka, she's full of energy.

Alfried Gallant
VA:Toshiyuki Morikawa

Affiliation:Republic of Great Zogilia
Rank:Lt. Colonel

Pilot of Alsiel. He posses great skill in strategic commands in addition to his clever Valiancer piloting skills.

Bizon Gerafil
VA:Takahiro Sakurai

Affiliation:Republic of Great Zogilia
Rank:1st Lieutenant

Pilot of Nebiros. An honest soldier born to a prominent family. He's well trusted by Alfried and often given charge of the front lines.

Tarjim Vasily
VA:Nobunaga Shimazaki

Affiliation:Republic of Great Zogilia
Rank:2nd Lieutenant

Pilot of Ogre. He's aggressive, headstrong, and reckless. His strength in combat is great, but his personality is his true fault.

Lasha Hakkarainen
VA:Mutsumi Tamura

Affiliation:Republic of Great Zogilia
Rank:2nd Lieutenant

Pilot of Krishna. He's a gentle, tender hearted young man, but he faces his enemies bravely in battle.

Margaret O'Keefe
VA:Yumi Uchiyama

Affiliation:Republic of Great Zogilia
Rank:Special Officer

She's been dispatched by Zogilia's Administration Bureau to supervise Alfried's squad. She often considers her reputation and status above all else.


Vertical Height: 18m
Model Number: XV-7001

A prototype developed under top secrecy by the Confederation Army.


Vertical Height: 18m
Model Number: XV-7002

A prototype developed under top secrecy by the Confederation Army.


Model Number: AG-6

Mass-produced Confederate Valiancer. It's a well-balanced machine and has served as the main unit of the Confederation Army for many years.

Beryl Assault

Model Number: AG-6A

A variation on the mass-produced Beryl designed to combat the maneuverability of the Zogilian army's Kugel unit. Called Beryl-A for short.

Beryl Commander

Model Number: AG-6CA

A machine that retains the total balance of the Beryl unit while improving upon its base features to display great overall combat prowess. Called Beryl-C for short.


Liberty Treaty Confederation's newest warship. It's also the mother ship for Luxon and Bradyon. Even in the Confederation Army, known for implementing the latest in technology, the Cygnus is a flying warship boasting high mobility and combat prowess.


Model Number: ZEH-N-131

Zogilia's latest model. By increasing the size and output of the unit's backpack, it shows a great improvement in mobility and maneuverability over other recent models.


Model Number: ZEH-N-121

A model recognized for its focus on being well-rounded and capable of adapting to the needs of various missions. By equipping a missile launcher in its arm, it can make up for the firepower it lacks when compared to the Kugel.


Model Number:ZEH-N-122

With an increased output and a lighter frame, this model is specialized in maneuverability.


Model Number:ZEH-N-125

A model developed with a focus on combating other airships. It's equipped with both heavy firepower and heavy armor.


Model Number:ZEH-N-126

A model specialized in close combat that comes with two swords at it its hips as standard equipment. It's output is greatly increased in order to allow it to close in with other high-speed Valiancers.


Model Number:ZEH-N-110

Zogilia's mass-produced Valiancer. This model was designed to surpass the Confederation Army's Beryl. Preparations for mass-production have recently been completed, and it's being deployed as the main unit of Zogilia's forces on the front lines.


Aoba Watase
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Jyunyou Dio Weinburg
Kouki Uchiyama
Hina Yumihara
Saori Hayami
Gengo Kuramitsu
Shou Hayami
Lene Kleinbeck
Ayumi Fujimura
Lee Conrad
Tomokazu Sugita
Jarl Duran
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Elvira Hill
Rino Sato
Mayuka Nasu
Kana Hanazawa
Anessa Rossetti
Marina Inoue
Alfried Gallant
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Bizon Gerafil
Takahiro Sakurai
Tarjim Vasily
Nobunaga Shimazaki
Lasha Hakkarainen
Mutsumi Tamura
Margaret O'Keefe
Yumi Uchiyama


Original Creator
Hajime Yatate
Yasuhiro Tanabe
Series Composition
BC Project
Character Design & Animation Director
Tomoshige Inayoshi
Asako Inayoshi
Chief Animators
Tomoyuki Fujii
Kanta Suzuki
Mecha Design
Kanta Suzuki
Hirotaka Tokuda
Tomohiro Kawahara
Hiroyuki Taiga
Set Design
Takeshi Takahashi
Design Works
Noriyuki Jinguuji
Masahiko Kaneda
Kenichi Morioka
Satosh Kimura
Studio Director
Kazuo Miyake
Special Skills Director
Tomohiro Kawahara
Art Director
Kouji Etou
Miho Sugiura
CG Producer
Eiji Inomoto
Color Design
Sayoko Yokoyama
Director of Photography
Tsunetaka Ema
Daisuke Imai
Sound Director
Youta Tsuruoka
Animation Production
Buddy Complex Production Committee

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