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Anime Spotlight - MAKEN-KI! BATTLING VENUS 2

by Anthony Foronda,
January 15, 2014


Energy! Courage!! Maken-ki!!!


Tenpi Gakuen—A vast boarding school whose resident possessing a special power called- "Element". Takeru Ooyama, a member of the “Security Committee” , aka "Makenki", in charge of protecting the safety of the school, enjoys a stimulating school life full of love, friendship, and hot stuff! While he's enjoying a summer at the beach he pursues a dark shadow that tries to steal the girls' underwear. And then he is hit by breast eared girls coming into season! A little bit sexy, high-tension school love-comedy will newly begin here!


Takeru Ooyama
VA:Tomoaki Maeno

A freshman at Tenpi Gakuen. He possess the Maken, “Overblow”, which allows him to blow his opponent's Maken. Normally he is thinking about nothing but naughty things, but he's still kind towards girls, and A Capable Man of passion.

Haruko Amaya
VA:Noriko Shitaya

Measurements: 97/59/88

Vice President of the student council and a sophomore at Tenpi Gakuen. She's Takeru's childhood friend and she has romantic feelings for him, but hardly show it. Also she is a little bit the jealous type. Her Maken, "Murakumo", is one of the eight legendary Maken.

Inaho Kushiya
VA:Iori Nomizu

Measurements: 85/57/86

A freshman at Tenpi Gakuen, and self-proclaimed fiancée of Takeru. She's a bit ditsiness, but she's a kind girl who considers the feelings of others. She loves sweets and eats more than most. She's good at combat sports, and uses the Maken, "Kamudo".

Kodama Himegami
VA:Sayuri Yahagi

Measurements: 74/53/78

Despite her appearance, she's a sophomore with a unique manner of speech. Yet on the other hand, she still shows childish sides like going crazy for teddy bears or worrying about her breast size. She possesses "Yasakani", one of the eight legendary Maken, and employs shikigami.

Azuki Shinatsu
VA:Misuzu Togashi

Measurements: 87/60/88

A sophomore and member of the Security Committee. She puts a band-aid on her nose. Her Maken, "Hawk", is attached to each of her legs, and though the one she uses is ranked only B, her skill is actually ranked A.

minori Rokujo

Measurements: 101/60/94

Principal and Gym Teacher. She's a graduate of Tenpi Gakuen, and one of the previous members of "Makenki". Despite her hearty personality, she keeps an eye on her students and gives them warm but strict guidance in class. She has absolutely no sense of direction, and she'll end up going the wrong way even if she has a map.

Aki Nijou
VA:Hitomi Harada

Measurements: 103/58/92

The school nurse, art teacher, and advisor to "Makenki". She's a graduate of Tenpi Gakuen, and one of the previous Makenki members. She has great figure, and she's really popular with the male students. Even without her Maken, she can heal others using only Element, but she can't relieve their fatigue.

Kengo Usui
VA:Satoshi Tsuruoka

A freshman in "Makenki". He's Takeru's friend and classmate. He possesses the Maken "Point Man", an internal Maken like Takeru's. It is the ability of swapping the places of things he's touched, and he can swap himself as well.

Furan Takaki
VA:Aya Gouda

Measurements: 82/56/83

Student Body President, Senior. She has blonde hair and wears glasses. She's the most exemplary student in the school, and very strict about following the school rules than anybody else. She hates men, but she seems to have a thing for Akaya. She possesses "Habaya", one of the eight legendary Maken.

Chacha Akaza
VA:Saeko Zougo

Measurements: 99/62/93

Sophomore member of "Makenki". She's an energetic brown-skined girl with a kansai accent. She often misuses words and phrases. She possesses the Maken "Scale Compressor".

Kimi Satou

Measurements: 72/55/75

Secretary, sophomore. She loves manga, and she's always reading either manga or doujinshi. She possesses the Maken "Tablet Comic Star", allowing her to use the sound effects and more from the manga she visualizes.

Uruchi Minaya
VA:Shizuka Furuya

Measurements: 78/58/80

Freshman, member of "Makenki". She possesses the Maken, "Perseus", allowing her to create a short sword out of light. She admires Haruko and feels a fierce rivalry with Takeru whom she always spends time with.

Measurementss: 83/57/82

Treasurer, senior. Her Maken is unknown. The amado family has served the Rokujo family as guards for generations, so she's very good at making traps, throwing daggers, and other ninja activities. She always has a bright, relaxing smile, but occasionally her words become sharp.

Tomika amado
VA:Yuki Matsuoka

Homeroom teacher for Class 1-B. Yuka's elder sister. Just like Yuka, she has a kind, gentle aura.


Takeru Ooyama
Tomoaki Maeno
Haruko Amaya
Noriko Shitaya
Inaho Kushiya
Iori Nomizu
Kodama Himegami
Sayuri Yahagi
Azuki Shinatsu
Misuzu Togashi
minori Rokujo
Aki Nijou
Hitomi Harada
Kengo Usui
Satoshi Tsuruoka
Furan Takaki
Aya Gouda
Chacha Akaza
Saeko Zougo
Kimi Satou
Uruchi Minaya
Shizuka Furuya
Yuka amado
Natsumi Takamori
Tomika amado
Yuki Matsuoka


Original Story
Hiromitsu Takeda
Hiraku Kaneko
Character Design
Akio Takami
Yousuke Kuroda
Animation Production

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