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Anime Spotlight - Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

by Anthony Foronda,

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

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Broadcast Begins October 10, 2015 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Hiraku Kaneko
(The Qwaser of Stigmata, MAKEN-KI! BATTLING VENUS 2)
Series Composition: Yosuke Kuroda
(Best Student Council, Gundam build Fighters Try)


With you in my hand, I fight--


A TV animation series with Hiraku Kaneko as director and character designer, Yosuke Kuroda as series composer, and ARMS as the production studio. A beautiful girl sexy battle action happening on one of five artificial islands, Mermaid!

One day, a girl named Mamori Tokonome was suddenly transported to Mermaid, an artificial island. As soon as she wakes up on the island, she is assaulted by someone. The one that saved Mamori from her crisis was another girl that was newly transported to the island, Mirei Shikishima. However, the enemy onslaught didn't stop, and Mirei and Mamori are slowly cornered yet again. Just when they thought they were at the peak of their crisis, Mirei places her lips upon Mamori's lips. Engulfed in a bright light, Mamori's body starts to transform. With Mamori - now turned into one blade - in hand, Mirei starts to fight back against the assaulters...


Mirei Shikishima
VA:Yuka Iguchi
Height: 168cm
Weight: 65kg (breast weight: 3kg)
Bust: 111cm (H cup, 83cm under-bust)
Waist: 65cm
Hip: 94cm
"There is no future in that direction..."

A girl with amazing curves, tanned skin, and blonde hair long enough to graze the ground. Due to her appearance and extremely quiet demeanor many think she is a scary person, but her personality is innocent and pure, and has the courage and will to act so she does not turn her back to unreasonable things. Actually a fan of cute things. Her talent as a Liberator is S-class. Due to her reticence, not many know of her past.

Mamori Tokonome
VA:Mikako Izawa
Height: 140cm
Weight: 38kg (breast weight: 0.5kg)
Bust: 80cm (C cup, 65cm under-bust)
Waist: 50cm
Hip: 76cm
"It's not Shojo! It's Tokonome!"

Quiet and reserved, notable for her polite way of speech. Her breasts are pretty large, but her height is basically that of a grade-school student, and that is an inferiority complex for her. Despite the quiet personality that doesn't wish to fight, she lacks luck and by meeting Mirei she gets roped into all sorts of incidents. As an Exter, she has the ability to change her body into a weapon at the hands of a Liberator. Hobby is reading. Worried about how people read her last name as "shojo (virgin girl)" (but has already half given up).

Meifon Sakura
VA:Yurika Kubo
Height: 144cm
Weight: 42kg (breast weight: 0.1kg)
Bust: 75cm (AAA cup, 70cm under-bust)
Waist: 52cm
Hip: 70cm
So there you have it, let's hurry up and begin! Thanks, thanks!"

A girl transferred to mermaid before Mirei and Marimo. Half-Japanese and half-Taiwanese, she uses her small frame well and has agile movements. Speaks with the Osaka dialect, and is so cheap she will do anything for money. Personality is one that plunges head-on into everything, and her various emotions are noticeably clear. Leads a quiet life in Feste (castle), but behind the scenes runs a "jack-of-all-trades" operation, and each time someone with an ability gets transported to the island sets up bets to greedily make money.

Akira Hiiragi
VA:Yuna Yoshino
Height: 170cm
Bust: 89cm
Waist: 70cm
Hip: 86cm
"Let's escape from this island... for our future..."

The Governor of the Verters (guardians) that rule all ability wielders residing in the artificial castle Feste within the artificial ability-wielder quarantine island Mermaid. As the one and only male on the island, he has unparalleled beauty as well as an ability. Created the Verters to provide peace and order within Mermaid, and many look up to him.

Charlotte Charzen
VA:Asami Seto
Height: 145cm
Weight: 40kg (breast weight: 2kg)
Bust: 93cm (G cup, 68cm under-bust)
Waist: 56cm
Hip: 80cm
"Punishment for those without order!"

Second-in-command of the Verters that rule over the castle. Also the leader of the Ardelle (nobility class), a small elite group of those with powerful abilities. Deeply fixated on preserving public peace within Mermaid and Feste, she often forces her own opinion forward, and is cold-blooded enough to immediately be rid of those who have no power.

Kasumi Shigure
VA:Masumi Tazawa
Height: 154cm
Weight: 50kg (breast weight: 1kg)
Bust: 89cm (E cup, 70cm under-bust)
Waist: 58cm
Hip: 90cm
"If you are acting in error, it is my job to correct it."

Commander of Verters, the group that rules over the castle. A girl whose body with well-balanced curves and short hair leave a lasting impression. A calm, kind personality that has the respect of Ritters (guards) and the trust of the leader Akira. Despite being a Liberator, she uses her superior martial arts skills to fight ability wielders toe-to-toe without Arms (weapons), and because of that, she is nicknamed "Zero Arms".

Rain Hasumi
VA:Saori Onishi
Height: 158cm
Weight: 56kg (breast weight: 2.5kg)
Bust: 96cm (F cup, 72cm under-bust)
Waist: 60cm
Hip: 84cm
"Determining actions by your own will... that is Lady Lady."

A girl that lives a carefree life on Mermaid without affiliation to either Feste (castle) or any village. She has a daring biker look, and possesses various passionate emotions within her cool composure. Always acts together with her partner Lady J, and those around them refer to the pair as Lady Lady.

Lady J
VA:Azumi Asakura
Height: 172cm
Weight: 68kg (breast weight: 10kg)
Bust: 116cm (N cup, 72.5cm under-bust)
Waist: 58cm
Hip: 100cm
"Without a parter, you won't be able to defeat us."

A girl with many mysteries, who has both a well-endowed body and a bewitching appearance. Her personality is pretty collected and does not speak much, but the mental link with her partner Rain Hasumi is very strong, and their relationship is built on heavy trust. She seems to be investigating Mermaid island together with Rain, but her actions are still shrouded in mystery.

Momoka Sagara
VA:Hitomi Harada
Height: 148cm
Weight: 45kg (breast weight: 0.3kg)
Bust: 80cm (A cup, 70cm under-bust)
Waist: 56cm
Hip: 80cm
"I'm Momoka Sagara! Nice to meet you, meow!"

A mysterious girl transferred to Mermaid after Mirei and Marimo. Her skills as an Exter had already been present by the time she arrived on the island, and her ability is powerful. Possesses both an easygoing personality that isn't scared of anything, and a cold-heartedness characteristic of her purity. Often causes issues with others with her words and actions, and throws her surroundings into a chaotic storm.

Torino Kazami
VA:Kikuko Inoue
Height: 61cm
Weight: 56kg (breast weight: 4kg)
Bust: 99cm (I cup, 71cm under-bust)
Waist: 68cm
Hip: 89cm
"I'm the caretaker lady for this facility. By the way, I'm 17 years old."

The caretaker of the village existing in a corner of Mermaid that welcomes girls with nowhere to go. With her amazing figure and welcoming personality, the girls of the village call her by the nickname "Miss Caretaker". Very sensitive about her age, and asserts that she is 17 years old, but her actual age is unknown.


Mirei Shikishima
Yuka Iguchi
Mamori Tokonome
Mikako Izawa
Meifon Sakura
Yurika Kubo
Akira Hiiragi
Yuna Yoshino
Charlotte Charzen
Asami Seto
Kasumi Shigure
Masumi Tazawa
Rain Hasumi
Saori Onishi
Lady J
Azumi Asakura
Momoka Sagara
Hitomi Harada
Torino Kazami
Kikuko Inoue


Original Story
Director/Character Designs
Hiraku Kaneko
Series Composition
Yosuke Kuroda
Assistant Director
Yasuhiro Watabe
Chief Animation Directors
Kou Yoshioka
Ippei Ichii
Special Breast Tech
Masaya Nozaki
Action Supervisor
Koichi Usami
Arms Design
Yoshinori Iwanaga
Prop Design
Hiyori Denforword Akishino
Art Director
Hiroki Matsumoto
Color Coordinator
Hideo Kamiya
Filming Director
Takeo Goto
CG Director
Hisashi Akimoto
Takeshi Seyama
Sound Director
Jin Aketagawa
Sound Production
Magic Capsule
Hiroaki Tsutsumi
Music Production
Produced by
Animation Production
Presented by

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