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As a service to our industry partners, ANN is creating a database of press contacts. Essentially, we're creating an "Anime News Wire" and a bit more.

Pre-screened press releases will be forwarded to organizations and individuals that submit e-mail addresses for press releases.

Additionally, we will also act as an introduction service for organizations who want to get in contact with the press.

Although ANN will not share any of the contact information entered below, we will list the organizations, and will forward contact requests to the contact e-mail address submitted below.

Should this service prove popular, we will expand it into a fully automated service at a future time.

Please only fill this form out if you are press (journalists) interested in covering anime and manga an/or related tangential stories. You need not be dedicated entirely to anime/manga.

Organization Name* (required):

* Your name if you are an independent/freelance journalist.

Contact Name (optional):

General E-mail address (required):

Press Release E-mail address (optional*):

* If this is blank you will not receive press releases.

Mailing address (optional):

Phone number (optional)

Website (optional):

Description of company or individual (optional*):

* This is important if you did not submit a URL and/or we aren't likely to recognize you by name (entries that we can not verify will not be included). Freelance journalists should list the outlets they write for here.

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