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Surrounded by Sevakises

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 010 - Surrounded by Sevakises

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And so after weeks of semi-seriousness, we've decided to ask Robin Sevakis, Justin's sister and creator of Anime News Nina, to come on the show and provide us with a little levity. If the show seems light as a feather, that's because we're having fun. You'll learn to love it!

First up Justin and I discuss Fairy Tale and Nyan Koi!, I talk with great brevity about Astro Boy, and then we discuss the "leaked Death Note script" and why we don't automatically report whatever rumors come our way. Then Justin talks a bit about Buried Treasure, and then an exclusive announcement you writers in the audience will definitely want to hear.

Then Robin comes in and we chat about Nina, crappy anime artwork, how anime has influenced modern art students, Robin's terrifying days as a comission fanartist, and then it's twitter questions. Woo!

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NSFW Language Warning: Everyone is swearing constantly. OK, that's not true, but there is some. Also there's a Death Note spoiler during the Twitter questions, specifically the one about Viz's DVD issues.

ANNCast Episode 010 Breakdown

00:16 Host intros

00:34 Fairy Tail and its relative suckitude

5:12 Nyan Koi! and its relative suckitude

7:20 The World's Shortest Conversation about Astro Boy

8:00 A "leaked" Death Note script

11:35 Buried Treasure this week: Rin Taro's Phoenix

13:14 Bamboo's retired from Shelf Life, but we have a successor, and Zac is officially on the prowl to hire a new anime critic for ANN.

15:46 Break time. Cowabunga!

16:30 Robin Sevakis intro, a few questions about Nina

20:39 Artists' Alley and Robin's experience

25:05 Robin's Artist Alley tips: buy a button maker

29:49 The enroaching influence of manga on American art and art students

33:33 Robin's burning hatred of 'how to draw manga' books

36:36 The low quality of character animation in a lot of TV anime

40:08 Briefly, world manga

42:37 Twitter questions: Robin's art inspirations and favorite anime, if Kevin's ex-girlfriend will return, the origin of Myoopi, the creepiest things Robin's been asked about regarding Nina, Viz's botched DVD releases, the death of the OVA market, and how we'd run an R1 anime company.

And that's all!

Have questions for the ANNCast crew? Tweet 'em to @ANNZac! Or check out the community forums thread about the show, or send email questions to zac@animenewsnetwork dot com!

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