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World manga

World manga: A term used to designate manga-style comics originating from countries other than Japan. "World manga" is one of the currently preferred terms as it takes into account manga-style comics from countries other than the United States and "amerimanga" is now seen as derogatory.

OEL manga (Original English Language Manga): a term used to refer to manga-style comics originating from English speaking countries such as the United States. Anime News Network columnist Carlo Santos made the first recorded use of the term on April 28, 2005 on his personal blog.

Amerimanga: a shortening of the words "American manga," this was for several years the preferred way to refer to manga-style comics that originate in North America. The term came into popularity when I.C. Entertainment (later Studio Ironcat) put out a short lived anthology called Amerimanga. I.C. Entertainment may have coined the term.

In addition to these, terms such as pseudo-manga, emulation manga, western manga and global manga are also sometimes used. Pseudo-manga and emulation manga are seen as derogatory as they can be seen to imply that the product is "not quite" manga. Global manga is a term put forth by Tokyopop and is inherently identical to world manga.

See also: Manga, Man Hua, Manhwa

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