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Don't hate the Cosplayer, hate the game

by Zac Bertschy & Bamboo Dong,

ANNCast Episode 028 - Don't hate the Cosplayer, hate the game

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If last week's show was too short for your liking, then get ready for more than an hour of chatter this week! Bamboo Dong joins me as co-host this week and we start out with a quick mention of Bamboo's Olympics fever and Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island. Then we both watched Ganiax's oh-so-cutsey-poo new winter series Hanamaru Kindergarten, which leads Bamboo and I to talk about how all this cutsey anime isn't why we got interested in anime in the first place and how little kids aren't cute but baby animals are and what does it all mean?!

Then our guest, Cosplay queen and Funimation Brand Manager Charlene Ingram (and her cats) joins us to talk all things cosplay, including the weird community, her past and future motivations, what drives her to do this sort of thing and all that. Then it's the industry chat so many of you crave; we learn what a Brand Manager does exactly and talk about the challenges involved in marketing anime. Are you happy now? Next up it's Twitter time and then that's it until next time! It's a super fun show - join us, won't you?

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NSFW Language Warning: At one point Bamboo and I discuss a hypothetical animated series titled "The S******* Kids". You'll have to listen to find out what letters those asterisks are replacing!

ANNCast Episode 28 Breakdown

00:28 Host intros and Bamboo's dreams of Olympic glory

03:36 Shutter Island, and its omnipresent trailer

05:50 Hanamaru Kindergarten and whether or not stuff like this is totally dividing anime fans

16:43 Break time!

16:53 Charlene Ingram (@tristencitrine on Twitter!) introduction and a brief history of her cosplayin' past

20:40 Thunderclese makes his first appearance on the program

26:50 The real joy of cosplaying is the craft of it, apparently

31:10 These cosplaying kids today and their lack of respect, dagnabbit

34:26 industry banter starts here for those of you who want to get right to it

42:15 The Strike Witches marketing campaign

45:40 The rare opportunity to combine cosplaying and marketing

47:05 Charlene's advice for newbie cosplayers who might be scared of the existing community

51:20 The tendency of cosplayers to completely flake on journalists who are trying to cover them

54:38 Plug time!

57:10 Twitter time! Mamoru Oshii basset hound cosplay, the most risque costumes, whether or not Charlene takes reviews of shows she works on personally and much much more!

And that's it! See you next week.

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