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The League of Extraordinary Supernerds

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 047 - The League of Extraordinary Supernerds

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Since it's such a slow news month (and that whole Black Butler flap really brought this discussion to the forefront), we invited two of our favorite ANNCast regulars, Mike Toole and Daryl Surat, to climb onboard for a roundtable discussion of the rifts and wounds in anime fandom and why exactly so many people tell creators of comics they love to go jump when they're asked to not pirate comics anymore. It's a conundrum, for sure, so we've formed a league... a league of justice, perhaps - to sit around and talk about it for a long time. It's fun!

The conversation naturally turns to piracy and the rift between new fans and old fans and all the mindsets and attitudes and ingrained beliefs that drive people to say what they say about anime and their own personal fandom; eventually of course it's Twitter time! And then it's over! HOORAY!

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NSFW Language Warning: A couple F-bombs, nothing more.

ANNCast Episode 47 Breakdown

00:20 Host introductions, the dog days of summer

02:30 Justin on Locke the Superman

05:50 The Piranha 3D guy is gonna try and make a live-action Space Adventure Cobra

07:40 The LA Weekly article on the collapsing anime industry and our Pierrot studio tour

14:30 Daryl Surat and Mike Toole introduction

15:20 We start out talking about the reaction to the Black Butler mangaka's anti-piracy statement

21:00 Daryl on the ease of access to anime

26:00 The systemic lack of respect or understanding of those in creative professions

34:40 How things have actually gotten better in recent years IE: simulcasts

39:00 The people who threaten mangaka with not illegally downloading their manga anymore

44:00 Piracy built anime fandom; will it ultimately destroy it?

50:10 Would a reality show about the manga or anime industry help? Will it?? And how to educate new fans on the labor that goes into making this stuff; the reality of blue collar entertainment jobs

01:02:10 Does growing older make you less likely to pirate?

01:08:00 Is the onus on older fans to tolerate younger fans' tendencies?

01:13:00 Twitter time! What makes a fan a fan, dealing with fan behavior at conventions, the best and worst connotations associated with anime fandom, and much much more!

And that's it! See you next week!

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