Boils and Ghouls

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 056 - Boils and Ghouls

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It's a Halloween show! HOW ORIGINAL! But first up, Justin takes his place in the co-host chair for a little punditry about the recent moves made by the normally very quiet Media Blasters, including their rental kiosks and their new sales partner.

Then Jason Thompson, Erin Finnegan and husband (and podcast partner) Noah join up to talk about horror in anime and manga, whether or not they've ever actually been scared by an anime, the differences between horror execution in animation and manga and then of course we wind up talking about scary movies for a while! It's super fun AND MEGA-FRIGHTENING*

*show is not actually frightening

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NSFW Language Warning: Yeah, there's some swearing. You'll live.

ANNCast Episode 56 Breakdown

00:25 Host introductions, what's up over at Media Blasters

11:40 Jason Thompson, Erin & Noah introduction

13:00 There really isn't that much horror anime! But what are the best examples of horror anime?

24:30 Have you ever actually been scared by an anime? Is it even possible? Answer this one in the forums yourself! We're dying to know about your experiences!

31:00 Is scary animation just that difficult to achieve?

33:30 Horror in manga, the best examples thereof and why manga works better as a medium for horror

47:00 The outstanding horror storytelling happening in the world of visual novels

56:30 Is horror a genre anime can innovate in?

58:30 Scary movies! Hooray!

And that's it! See you next week!

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