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Viewers Like You VII: Adviewnt Children

by Zac Bertschy,

ANNCast Episode 058 - Viewers Like You VII: Adviewnt Children

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It's a callout show - but not like those other ones!

Actually it's pretty much exactly like the others! Except the final guest wound up going on for 2 solid hours!

First up Evan Miller, longtime friend and former employee of ANN, stops by to tell us about his gig at Pop Japan Travel as their tour coordinator. Ever have to wrangle a small army of otaku in the mean streets of Tokyo? No? Well now's your chance to hear about it!

Then listener Sal joins us to talk about the exact measures one should go to to support their favorite niche genres, and Sean Russell from Anime3000 talks about his plans for the site and his experiences juggling a bunch of businesses at once.

Then that V for Vendetta Evangelion guy comes on.

And then we got into an argument that lasted two hours.

But don't worry - only 17 minutes of that two hour slugfest is in the podcast itself!

That doesn't mean you can't hear the rest of it, if you're a masochist! There's a link after the show breakdown to hear the ENTIRE V guy argument. Enjoy that one you lucky so-and-sos!

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NSFW Language Warning: Some cussin' here and there.

ANNCast Episode 58 Breakdown

00:20 Evan Miller introduction and the world of being a tour guide in Tokyo

33:10 Sal and the lengths you should go to to support your superniche fandom

45:40 Sean Russell on Anime3000.com and their whole deal

01:12:30 The value of TV exposure for anime with V guy...

And that's it! But wait...

Want to hear the rest of my altercation with V guy? It's right here!! And it's like 2 hours long! A few quick disclaimers about the bonus material:

1. It was recorded from 10:30pm to 12:30am.
2. It's the entire conversation, so if you heard his segment on the callout show, you can skip until about 17 minutes in.
3. I'm pretty sure you can slowly hear me lose my nerve over the course of the discussion; if I start wavering around the hour mark, it's because my brain was fried. Woohoo!

So there you have it! See you next week!

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