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Char, Grilled

by Zac Bertschy,

ANNCast 076 - Char, Grilled

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First up: we have a new theme song! The song is "Bucharest" by The New Division, and you can find it (and a bunch of other great stuff) on their EP, The Rookie, which is available on iTunes. Big thanks to those guys!

It's an all-Charlene show this week as the Funimation brand manager extraordinaire (who really loves her job) returns to chat about a whole bunch 'o stuff, including the Oscar campaign for Summer Wars, the inexplicable screaming popularity of Hetalia, just how in the world they're gonna sell Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, just what constitutes an "Anime Classic" and more more more! Then it's Twitter Time! You didn't think we forgot about Twitter Time, did you?!

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NSFW Language Warning: Given our guest this week, you are more likely to hear the faint sound of a unicorn giggling than a swear word.

ANNCast Episode 76 Breakdown

00:30 Charlene Ingram introduction, how things have changed over the last year

02:40 Summer Wars!

16:40 Hetalia!

32:50 Who gets to decide what an 'anime classic' is anyway?

36:40 Panty & Stocking! It's licensed! Now what?

44:00 A quick update on what's been selling well and Funimation's Japan Relief charity auctions

57:20 Twitter time! noitaminA shows on DVD and bluray, where in the world is Spice & Wolf II, Sailor Moon and a whole lotta other stuff!

And that's it! See you next time!

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