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It's Kind of a FUNi Story

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast 099 - It's Kind of a FUNi Story

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It's our annual Funimation show! Marketing manager Adam Sheehan and Director of Corporate Strategy Lance Heiskell drop on by for a full hour and a half of industry chat! We get in to what's been selling well, how they select their "classic" titles, fine details on the whole "Funico" thing, how exactly it is they choose which fan-favorite streaming shows get an actual DVD release and more more more!

Plus: your questions via Twitter!

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NSFW Language Warning: There may not be any swearing this time but you can never be too sure.

ANNCast Episode 99 Breakdown

00:30 Adam and Lance introduction and how things are going at Funimation

07:10 What's been selling the best in 2011 so far

10:20 Dragon Ball Z: the unstoppable force

16:50 Long-delayed releases like Darker than Black season 2

23:20 Inevitable questions about the Hellsing Ultimate release

31:50 What's the holdup with the Geneon rereleases

33:50 The selection process for "classic" rereleases

36:50 Funico! And what it all means!

48:20 Funico and exclusive streams

51:10 Takin' a gamble on Princess Jellyfish and how those fan favorite streaming titles get chosen for DVD release

01:01:00 Twitter time! Steins;Gate, DVD-Bluray combo pack releases (and how people like to complain about them), what's the holdup with Serial Experiments Lain and much, much more!

And that's it! See you next week!

Have questions for the ANNCast crew? Tweet 'em to @ANNZac! Or check out the community forums thread about the show, or send email questions to zac@animenewsnetwork dot com!

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