Mission Critical

by Zac Bertschy,

ANNCast 103 - Mission Critical

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First up, Justin stops by to talk for a wee bit about that whole Funimation vs. ADV lawsuit thing and why we probably shouldn't bother going too far down the speculative rabbit hole on that one just yet. Wait and see, people.

Then Theron Martin and Bamboo Dong drop in for a chat about all things review-worthy! We chat about the winter 2012 season and how our attitudes about reviewing anime have changed over the years - what makes a good review, what makes a bad one, what we do and don't want to see, all that good stuff. Plus: anime fans rejecting 'show, don't tell', some choice words about Astarotte's Toy, much gushing about Chihayafuru and more more more! Plus: Twitter time!

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NSFW Language Warning: Plenty of swearing and then some. Hide your virgin ears.

ANNCast episode 103 breakdown

00:40 Justin and Zac chat about the Funimation vs. ADV lawsuit

08:45 Bamboo and Theron introduction and what they've been watching, mostly Chihayafuru and Shana III

23:20 Winter 2012: worst season ever?

36:00 Theron brings up Listen to me, Girls, I'm your Father! and then we talk about fanservice for a while

44:50 Reviews in general and how our perspectives have changed

58:20 The otaku rejection of 'show, don't tell'

1:09:30 Twitter time! Most painful reviews, the hardest stuff to write, the real purpose of a review, and more!

And that's it! See you next week!

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