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Ms. Answerman
Answerer on the Rocks

by Rebecca Bundy,
Okay, let's get started with another round of questions!

I was wondering when the next season for pilot candidate will be
available for viewing? Can you e mail me at [e-mail address removed] so I can
watch pilot candidate when it becomes available.

You'll be wondering a little longer, since there isn't a second season of Pilot Candidate as of yet. Bandai's been hinting that more might be on the way, but nothing's written in stone. You can always pick up the manga for a lengthier and deeper version of the storyline found in the anime. Also, there's a new OVA episode released recently in Japan that I've heard answers some of the questions that are left at the end of the series. That episode will probably see release in the United States before too long.

there use to be ads in/of a-XMEN manga or even * a animation,.
California kcal9/channel9, showed a XMEN series with what looks like to be a
japanimation of the story-ies *as the for the ending title credits. -Do you
have any info from whence that anime came from & where it is going to show

There's X-men Evolution, which sports an anime-styled look (this is probably what you saw) and an older X-men series that were both animated. It could've been an ad for the Uncanny X-men comic here in the states, since Kia Asamiya's one of the artists for that comic. There was also an X-men manga series in Japan that was based on the original X-men animated series. Marvel translated and released that series in the US in 1998. Chances are, you saw X-Men Evolution and mistook it for anime, which would be pretty easy to do, given the character designs.

Hi Anwerman,
I have a very interesting question for you. I just finished watching Final
Fantasy Unlimited, the 25 ep series, and i was just wondering if there was
going to be any more to the series, because the ending was extremely open
ended? Also i would like to know if this series is going to be brought over
to the states?
Thanks for your time.
Neil Sher

The ending was left open because Final Fantasy Unlimited was originally going to be 52 episodes long. The anime was about as popular in Japan as Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was in the US (meaning they were both critical and commercial failures for Squaresoft.). The anime was canceled after 25 episodes due to the low ratings, and it remains unlicensed here in the US. Japanese Final Fantasy fans didn't appreciate the show's bizarre take on the Final Fantasy universe; the show shared very little in common with the games of the same name. The character designs weren't even similar. US fans have had the same disappointed reaction. If you're hoping to see more you'll have to buy the novel that finishes what the anime was unable to, and hope that there's a translation available out there somewhere for it. The odds that the whole kit 'n kaboodle,meaning the entire TV series and the novels that follow it, will be released in the United States, are fairly slim.

Re: Chivas 1-2-3

Can you please tell me if there was a series to his OAV and if so how many
episodes were there?
Thank you for your tiame and consideration in this matter.

There is no full-length anime series based on the Sorcerer on the Rocks OVA. Sorcerer Hunters would be the closest anime series since the two are based on the same idea and world. Sorcerer Hunters is available in four very affordable DVD collections from ADV and features a similar art style and humor to Sorcerer on the Rocks. If you want to see more of Chivas and his crew, there are 7 volumes of the manga, Chivas 1-2-3 (the original name of the OVA, which had to be changed due to licensing issues surrounding the name “Chivas”, which I believe is a brand of whiskey.). They aren't available in the US but you could probably find them, along with translations, out there on the internet.

3 questions
1) Will Gensomaden Saiyuki be releashed here in the States?
2) I saw at 2 anime online stores selling the entire Saiyuki Series and the
Movie on DVDs saying They will play on any DVD player and PS2, if u
know...is this true?
3) which series is more worth watching. (I don't know if i should watch or
finish these series)
"Gensomaden Saiyuki" "Weiss Kruez" "Yami-no-Matsuei" or "gravitation"?

At the moment ADV Films has the rights to Gensomaden Saiyuki, (originally renamed "Paradise Raiders" for its US debut, but will be called "Saiyuki" again, according to various online retailers' websites). The first DVD is due out on April 29th (Thanks for pointing that out, Case!). If there are online anime stores or auction sites selling the Saiyuki series, you can be sure that those are bootleg copies burned to a DVD (or in some cases, CD-R.). Since ADV Films holds the license to this series and hasn't released it yet, I guarantee you these DVDs are bootlegs and thusly illegal to sell or purchase. If you do buy them and they don't work on your DVD player or PS2, then that's what you get for buying illegal copies of a series.
Yami no Matsuei and Gravitation are a lot better than Weiss Kreuz and Saiyuki, so watch those two before the others. Yami and Gravitation are shorter as well, both ending after 13 episodes with a two episode OVA for Gravitation. The original Weiss Kreuz clocks in at 25 episodes, while Saiyuki lasts a mind-numbing 50 episodes and a movie.

Now that that's finished, I have a very sick Answercat Jr. to take care of! Poor little guy has a minor respiratory infection.. wish him good health!

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