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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (US CG movie)

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Alternative title:
Den Sista Fantasin: Andarna Inuti (Swedish)
Final Fantasy : Les Créatures de l'esprit (French)
Final Fantasy: El espíritu en nosotros (Spanish)
Final Fantasy: La fuerza interior (Spanish)
Финальная Фантазия: Духи Внутри (Russian)
Themes: military
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: A planet is overrun by a mysterious group of creatures that infect and destroy all life on Earth. Only the determination of a single woman to find a cure will prevent the world from slowly being eaten away. Yet there are those from within who are impatient for results and will do anything to win this war.
Running time: 106 minutes
Vintage: 2001-07-02
Premiere date:
2001-07-02 (USA - Premiere)
2001-07-11 (USA/Canada/Philippines)
2001-07-12 (Malaysia/Singapore)
2001-07-24 (UK - Premiere)
2001-07-26 (Australia/New Zealand)
2001-07-27 (South Korea)
2001-08-02 (Czech Republic)
2001-08-03 (UK/Portugal/Turkey)
2001-08-09 (Argentina/Slovenia)
2001-08-10 (Brazil/Estonia/Mexico)
2001-08-15 (France)
2001-08-16 (Israel/Netherlands)
2001-08-17 (Columbia)
2001-08-22 (Belgium)
2001-08-23 (Finland - Espoo Film Festival)
2001-08-23 (Germany/Hungary)
2001-08-24 (Finland/Italy)
2001-08-29 (Peru)
2001-09-07 (Norway)
2001-09-15 (Japan)
2001-09-21 (Denmark/Sweden)
2001-09-28 (Greece/Poland)
2001-09-28 (Poland)
2001-10-10 (Iceland)
2001-10-31 (Egypt)
2001-11-01 (Russia)
2001-11-09 (Lithuania)
2001-12-12 (Kuwait)
Release dates: We have 2
Opening Theme:
"Spirit Dreams Inside" by L'Arc-en-Ciel
Ending Theme:
"The Dream Within" by Lara Fabian
Trivia: We have 12
DVD Easter Eggs: We have 1
Not generally considered anime, Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within was produced in Hawaii at Square USA by an internationally assmbled staff of animators and artists. With over 130 million dollars invested in the establishment of Square USA and the production of this film, it is no surprise that it featured some of the most advanced CG of its time. However the movies failed to capture audiences and only grossed $52 million worldwide ($32 Million in North America). Following the complete commercial failure of the movie Square USA created one more mini movie, The Final Flight of the Osiris segment of The Animatrix, before being shut down.
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    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within / Les Créatures de l'esprit [4K] [CA] (Blu-ray) 2021-11-16
Blu-ray (Region A)
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Blu-ray) 2007-08-07 (from $8.25)
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Blu-ray) 2016-10-04 (from $9.99)
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within [4K] (Blu-ray) 2021-11-16 (from $18.05)
DVD (Region 1)
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (DVD) 2002-08-27 (from $5.19)
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within [Special Edition] (DVD) 2001-10-23 (from $7.99)
Universal Media Disc
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (UMD) 2005-07-26 (from $24.37)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Screenplay: Hironobu Sakaguchi

Creature Design: Yasushi Nirasawa
Theme Song Performance: L'Arc-en-Ciel
Keiko Toda as Aki Ross
Rikiya Koyama as Grey Edwards

Akio Ōtsuka as Sgt. Ryan Whitaker
Atsushi Goto as Neil Fleming
Jun Karasawa as Jane Proudfoot
Kiyoshi Kobayashi as Dr.Sid
Tsutomu Isobe as General Douglas Hein
Japanese companies
Animation: Square USA, Inc.
Original Creator: Square Enix
English cast
English staff
Alec Baldwin as Capt. Gray Edwards
Ming-Na as Aki Ross

Donald Sutherland as Dr. Sid
James Woods as General Hein
Peri Gilpin as Jane Proudfoot
Steve Buscemi as Neil Fleming
Ving Rhames as Sgt. Ryan Whitaker

Alex Fernandez as Space Station Technician
Annie Wu as The Sixth Spirit
David Rasner as Space Station Technician
Dwight Schultz as Scan Technician
Jean Simmons as Council Member #2
John Demita as
BCR Soldier
Space Station Technician
John Di Maggio as BFW Soldier
Keith David as Council Member #1
Matt McKenzie as Major Elliot

English companies
Broadcaster: Animax Asia
Internet Streaming:
Crackle (Expired)
CTV (Canada)
Shomi (Canada)
Music Production: Sony Music Entertainment
Production: Square Pictures
Recording Facility: Screenmusic Studios
French staff
French cast
Bernard Lanneau as Capt. Gray Edwards
Yumi Fujimori as Dr. Aki Ross

Bruno Dubernat as Officier Neil Fleming
Guy Chapelier as General Hein
Jean-Pierre Moulin as Dr. Sid
Nathalie Duong as Officier Jane Proudfoot
Peter King as Sgt. Ryan Whitaker

Gérard Maillet as Soldat
Jean-Paul Pitolin as Membre du conseil
Jöelle Brover as Membre du conseil
Pierre Casanova as Military Police
Pierre Dourlens as Major Elliot
Tony Joudrier as Technicien

French companies
Broadcaster: Ciné Cinema Famiz (from February 2009)
Dubbing: Rosedub
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Camilo García (Spain dub)
Translation: Eva Garcés (Spain dub)
ADR Script: Guillermo Ramos (Spain dub)

ADR Engineer: Jordi Llivi (Spain dub)
Mix Engineer: Ferran Ramos (Spain dub)
Screen Inserts: Ruben Moya
Alejandro Illescas as Soldado 
Ana Pallejà as Dr. Aki Ross (Spain dub)
Arturo Casanova as Miembro del consejo 
Héctor Bonilla as Doctor Sid 
Herman Lopez as Soldado 
Humberto Solorzano as Mayor Elliot 
Jordi Brau as Capt. Gray Edwards (Spain dub)
José Lavat as General Hein
Jose Luis Orozco as Cap. Gray Edwards
Laura Luz as Jane 
Liza Willert as Miembro del consejo 
Martha Ceceña as Asistente de Dr. Sid 
Octavio Rojas as Ryan 
Ruben Moya as Insertos 
Salvador Delgado as Soldado 
Yamil Atala as Nyl 

Alberto Mieza as Neil Fleming (Spain dub)
Alfonso Vallés as Sgt. Ryan Whitaker (Spain dub)
Camilo García as Dr. Sid (Spain dub)
Laura Luz as Jane Proudfoot
Montse Moreno as Jane Proudfoot (Spain dub)
Octavio Rojas as Sgt. Ryan Whitaker
Pep Antón Muñoz as General Hein (Spain dub)
Yamil Atala as Neil Fleming

Juan Carlos Gustems as Council Member #1 (Spain dub)
Maife Gil as Council Member #2 (Spain dub)
Salvador Vives as Major Elliot (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
LK-TEL (Argentina)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (Spain)
Dubbing Studio:
AB Grabaciones
Triveu (Spain dub)
Internet Streaming:
Microsoft Store
Wuaki.tv (Spain)
Licensed by: Sony Pictures
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Manlio De Angelis
Dubbing Assistant: Antonella Bartolomei
Micaela Esdra as Dott. Aki Ross
Roberto Pedicini as Cap. Gray Edwards

Alessandro Rossi as Serg. Ryan Whitaker
Giorgio Lopez as Dottor Sid
Roberto Chevalier as Generale Hein
Roberto Gammino as Neil Fleming
Tiziana Avarista as Jane Proudfoot

Nino Prester as Magg. Elliott
Italian companies
Dubbing: SEFIT-CDC
German staff
German cast
Bettina Weiss as Aki Ross
Christian Tramitz as Capt. Gray Edwards

Claudia Urbschat-Mingues as Jane Proudfoot
Joachim Höppner as Dr. Sid
Tilo Schmitz as Neil Fleming

Hans-Georg Panczak as General Hein
Oliver Stritzel as Ratmitglied 1
Tilo Schmitz as Sgt. Ryan Whitaker
Tobias Lelle as Officer Neil Fleming
German companies
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Dutch cast
Russian staff
Russian companies
Broadcaster: FAN TV (2019)
Distributor: Cascade Movie (2001)
Dubbing: Nevafilm (2001)
Licensed by: Columbia/Sony Russia
Russian cast
Tagalog staff
Tagalog companies
Tagalog cast
Polish staff
Polish companies
Distributor: Imperial CinePix
Polish cast
Portuguese cast
Portuguese staff
Hélio Ribeiro as Capt. Gray Edwards
Priscila Amorim as Aki Ross

Alfredo Martins as Dr. Sid
Luiz Feier Motta as General Hein
Márcia Morelli as Jane Proudfoot

Guilherme Briggs as Neil Fleming
Luís Feier Mota as General Hein
Luiz Carlos Persy as Membro do Conselho #1
Maurício Berger as Sgt. Ryan Whitaker
Ronaldo Júlio as Major Elliot
Sumara Louise as Membro do Conselho #2

Jorge Vasconcellos (in-text)
Portuguese companies
Dubbing Studio: Cinevídeo

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