AnimeFringe April 2001 Update!

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AnimeFringe's latest update includes the latest news about the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie, including an exclusive interview with Producer Chris Lee!

Excerpted from the press release:
Animefringe Vol.2 #4 - April 2001
( )


This issue can be summarized in one word: awesome.
That's right, awesome because this month's cover
feature is all about the movie everyone is dying to see: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

We've got full info on the 17 minute clip screening, cast and crew info, and an exclusive interview with the film's producer, Chris Lee.

Oh, yeah. There's also an in-depth article on 5 years of the manga inspired comic book, Akiko and a list of the twenty best names to name your baby. But, this isn't any normal baby name list, this is a list of Anime Baby Names! And there are some other cool things as well like another guest editorial and Anime Briefs.

We've got something new instore for you review fanatics. We've rethought our grade scale and have changed from a letter grade to a percent grading scale. So look for it as you check out these great reviews:

- Golgo 13: Queen Bee Special Edition DVD
- A.D. Police Vol.1: Bad Blood VHS
- Flint: The Time Detective Vol.3: The Sands of Time VHS
- Argent Soma
- Police 911 (Arcade)
- Shadow of Destiny (PS2)
- Gundam Wing: MS War Collectible Card Game
- Cardcaptor Sakura Vocal Collection

Plus a great Web Showcase, new Word Searches, and much more.

Animefringe will return May 1, 2001 in Animefringe Vol.2 #5.

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