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by Rebecca Bundy,
Let's get this wagon train a-movin'. Or something like that.

To whom it may concern,
I noticed in most anime with girl/girl relationships in them that one of the
girls is usually tomboyish. The best example of this is the relationship
between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune in which Sailor Uranus, due to her
preference for wearing men's clothes and driving fast cars, tends to be
mistaken for a guy. My question is do either of you know of any girl/girl
relationships (in non-hentai anime or manga) in which both girls act and
dress like girls?

There aren't too many girl/girl relationships in anime in general; when you do see a girl/girl relationship, the characters are designed to distinguish their personalities and henceforth one will be designed as the “girl” in the relationship and the other will be designed as “the boy”. If two female characters are visually-coded female (wearing dresses, giggling, that sort of thing) and yet one of their personalities is distinctly male, it would fly in the face of traditional character design logic. One of the characters will always be butch. It just makes sense that way from a storytelling standpoint.

Have you heard anything about plans to animate Trigun Maximum?

Technically, the early issues of Trigun Maximum have been animated, since the anime series includes some of the earlier material from Maximum. The manga is still being published, but it's likely that they won't make a sequel; at least, nothing has been announced yet. The anime recently started showing on Cartoon Network, and if that boosts the popularity of the show, we might see a sequel. Who knows?

Greetings Answerman,
I just watch Martian Successor Nadesico. It was cool and wacky, my question;
is there is a sequel to it?
Thank you
Crazy Renegade

Nope, there isn't a sequel to Nadesico but there is a movie that takes place after the TV series. The movie, which has yet to be released by ADV, takes place five years after the TV series and lacks the humor that so prevailed in the original show. There's also a novel (which I believe you can find translated on the web) that explains what happens between the show and the movie. The movie is fairly confusing on its own, so you may want to find the translated novel first.

Hello AnswerLady,
Let me be forthright with asking my question. WHEN THE HELL IS SOMEONE GOING TO LICENSE THE NARUTO ANIME!? This is one of the best action anime out there right now and yet I've heard no news or even rumors of this thing being picked up by someone. Are they secretly in negotiations with people or what? What's going on!? SOMEONE LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!!
Thank You,
P.S. They should bring over some of that official Naruto cosplay stuff too so I don't have to pay so much for it on ebay.

It'll be licensed soon enough. Naruto just recently made it to prime-time, so the popularity and demand for this series will go up. As for the cosplay stuff, if the show becomes really popular over here then I'm sure the merchandise for Naruto will find its way into stores in the US.

AND, here's your "scary otaku question" of the week:

Being a big fan of Super Idol Misty May, were there actually any videos made of her, or was that just a thing for the story in Otaku No Video?
Also, is there any place to find fanfics of her, or am I the only one making one?
[email protected]

No. Super Idol Misty May is a character that makes fun of characters like her that were popular in anime. Other anime series have made fun of Misty May in their own way (Haruko from Furi Kuri in the bunny outfit) but that's the closest you're going to get. As for fanfics, you're the only one out there. I'm going to be thankful for that, if you don't mind.

Those questions went from normal to slightly scary fairly quickly.

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