Hellsing Question

by Zac Bertschy,

I have just finished watching the last DVD of Hellsing and I have watched them all in order. You've seen them right? I just don't understand some of the parts at the end...

That one part at the last episode half of Arucard's face changes and the one half has a moustache and different hair I think. What is going on with that? I thought it might have been Jesus, but then again that may just be me. Then at the end Integra is in a cell room with Arucard and it looks like her hands are tied together. So I want to know what is going on there. Was Integra the traitor or is she a vampire? Maybe I missed something. So will you please help me out so I can understand it better?


Alucard does not turn in to Jesus at the end of the show (Congratulations, that is the strangest theory I've ever heard on the end of Hellsing). To tell you the truth, I'm not exactly sure WHAT that's supposed to be, but I know it isn't Jesus. Anyone out there clued in? What's that shot supposed to mean at the end? Integra is being silenced by the government at the end, and being held as a criminal. The public wasn't supposed to know about the Hellsing organization, and after everything that happened, she's being kept in a cel to suppress any information.

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