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Ms. Answerman: Fricking Annoying Questions

by Rebecca Bundy,
I told a friend of mine a few days ago that the next column of Answerman would feature the top five questions that Zac and I were tired of seeing. Without hesitation, he was able to list off three of the five. The other two (Questions 2 & 3) he missed because I ‘had already answered them in recent Answerman columns’. This column goes out to all the people who email us these questions without looking at previous Answerman columns. Though this won't stop people from sending in these questions, hopefully it will slow down the flow of annoying emails.

1. I have been looking on every site I can find to find
an answer to my question I was hoping you might know.
Is Adult Swim ever going to start giving new Inuyasha
episodes? If so then when? If not why not?

Patience is a virtue. Cartoon Network cannot snap their fingers and magically produce a new episode of Inu Yasha every week. It takes time to get the episodes ready for American audiences, so you'll have plenty of time to do other things with your life while you wait for new episodes. Regardless, Inu Yasha will be returning with new episodes this summer.

2. Will there ever be a second season of Hellsing?

Is there a second season of Hellsing? No. Will there be? Possibly. Kouta Hirano wants to finish up the manga first, since an anime based on the most recent storyline about the Millennium Nazi Organization would spoil the ending that Hirano has in store for all of his fans. Most of the people involved in the anime have said they want to do a second season, so as long as the manga series remains popular, there's a chance of seeing a second season sometime in the future. Until then, buy the manga and enjoy.

3. Is there any more Berserk?

Yes! The manga is still going strong with 24 volumes. If you're one of the many fans who write in complaining about wanting more anime, then the answer would be no. If you're determined to know what happened to Gatts, Caska, and a few others, then buy the manga! If you have the patience that many Inu Yasha fans lack, then you can wait for Dark Horse to release translated (though who knows how heavily edited) issues of the manga. As for a second season of Berserk, Naohito Takahashi, the director of Berserk, has stated that he's interested but there are no official plans as of yet.

4. When will Naruto or Wolf's Rain be licensed?

Soon. These two will probably be announced at one of the many conventions held over the summer. Please please please stop asking about these two.

5. When will Sailor Moon Sailor Stars be licensed?

If I had the money or power to license this, I would so that Zac and I never have to see this question again. Everything you've heard about this show being licensed is a rumor. I don't know when/if it will be licensed, how heavily it will be edited, or if it will be shown on TV sometime in the future.

In closing, Answercat Jr. has something he'd like to share:

Truer words were never spoken. Until next time.

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