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Ms. Answerman
2 Right 2 Often

by Rebecca Bundy,
Ah, I see you all are back for another week of questions and answers. Have you all tried out the new search engine to look up old questions? Hopefully you have. Here are a few of the searches I did through the Answerman column:
Answercat: 8 hits
Naruto: 10 hits
Berserk: 26 hits
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: 29 hits (and I only included those with a score of 1 or higher)
Looking over this week's questions, it seems 4 out of 5 of you have actually asked somewhat new and interesting ones.

i was wonder if you know anything about the Blue
Gender OVA. Is it just the movie or is something
different? i would greatly appreciate ant information.

FUNimation has the rights to the movie, Blue Gender: The Warrior, which is incorrectly labeled as an OVA on many sites. The movie is a compilation of events from the TV series, along with new footage that brings the movie together in a coherent manner. It was indeed released in theaters, making it a movie, and not an OVA.

i hear that disney is planning to rerelease laputa Castle in the Sky. i really am glad to hear this but seeing as it sounds like you are going to change it i am not happy. can you please tell me the best and easiest way to get hold of the dubbed english version from the 80's? i would really like your oppinion.

Tempest couldn't keep from handling this one himself: Umm, no offense Sarah, but what planet do you live on? We couldn't edit Laputa even if we wanted to, Disney and Anime News Network aren't the same thing. But it's okay, we're used to this kind of question. Anyways, Disney released Castle in the Sky back in April, and I'm happy to say it was completely unedited. In fact, none of the Disney released Miyazaki movies have been edited! Forget the 80s version, go buy the DVD.

Just a quick question,
Do you know how many episodes Naruto is planned to be? I see that you have 36 as the listing, but I don't think the show is over. Thanks alot.

Naruto is one of those series that will run as long as the manga is being made, so long as the series continues to be popular. There are at least 19 volumes of the manga out and the series follows the manga fairly accurately, so don't expect an ending to come for this series anytime soon. Usually when you see episode listings, they include up to the newest episode. Obviously they can't go further than that, so don't assume that because something has an episode count that it's over (use common sense; looking at the date versus number of episodes would be smart).

regarding Yuu Yuu Hakusho, i had seen there were 112 episodes , what comes after the dark tournament ? Cartoon Network showed what i believe was the end of the dark T. , and is the entire series going to be released on dvd ? please answer if you can. thank you

Someone (rather, hundreds of people) write:
"Yū Yū Hakusho is 112 Episodes long, with four main Arcs. Cartoon Network stopped in the 60s, just before the Dark Tournament ended, leaving half the series to go once Funimation gets done dubbing them." FUNimation hasn't finished yet, and neither has CN. Cyborg 009 replaced yuu-yuu come June 30th, but that doesn't mean yuu-yuu is done forever. Make sure you read Shonen Jump for more of the yuu-yuu story. Thanks to everyone who wrote in regarding this one.

i've read that full metal panic is one of the best anime of last year.. Can
you tell me more about this one. Looks like a twist of garaski(mecha) with
some humor

Full Metal Panic is similar to Escaflowne in the fact that there are mecha elements to the series but it's not the focus of the series. Chidori Kaname seems like your average high school student, except for the fact that [minor spoiler, highlight to read] she carries within her subconscious top secret military plans involving mecha and other designs that the bad guys would love to get their hands on. Sagara Souske is a soldier for an elite organization that is sanctioned to use any means necessary to keep world peace. When this organization finds out that the bad guys might try to kidnap Chidori, they send Sagara to her school as a student so that he could protect her. This series is filled with comic moments and characters, from the offbeat relationship between the energetic Chidori and the serious Sagara, to the captain of the military organization who's clumsiness makes you wonder if she (for that matter, most of the cast) isn't a few eggs short of a basket. Truthfully, this is one of the few ‘mecha’ series that I enjoy, so you should definitely see it.

That's it for this week! Keep the questions coming, and I'll keep dishing out the answers.

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