Monthly Review Contest

January 1, 2001

Monthly Review Contest

100$ Gift Certificate

Psssst! Hey, over here! Want a $100 gift certificate for the Right Stuf International Online store?

Anime News Network and The Right Stuf International will be giving away one $100 gift certificate every month. All you have to do is submit a review of an Anime to reviewcontest (at, and at the end of every month we will pick the best review and award the author the $100 gift certificate.

The review can be of Any Anime, be it new, old, Shoujo or Hentai; but it must be Anime, no Manga, no live action.

Some basic rules:

  • The Contest is Open to everyone, including regular contributors to Anime News Network, except the editors of Anime News Network;
  • Submissions will be eligible for the contest during the calendar month they were received;
  • Submissions must include production data and a picture (look at any of our reviews for an example);
  • Follow the regular ANN review format, include a grade and end comments;
  • No reviews of Fansubs less than 18 months old, those belong in the preview section;
  • You may submit as many reviews as you chose;
  • Inform ANN in advance what you are planning to review; to avoid duplicate reviews;
  • Contest winners will not be eligible to win again for a period of 3 months;
  • Submissions become the property of Anime News Network when(if) they are posted;
  • This contest can end at anytime;
  • Reviews become eligible for the prize if, and when they are posted on Anime News Network;
  • A minimum of 20 entries are required each month, any month that 20 entries are not accepted (posted) the entries will be held over and become eligible for the prize the next month;
  • The winner will be picked and notified via e-mail by the 5th of the following month, the exact method of chosing the winner will vary from month to month.

Some hints:
  • Proper English grammar and sentence structure: If your review is lacking in this department we won't even consider posting it.
  • Read our past reviews to see what kind of "reviewing" we expect;
  • Include 1 good image from the Anime, it can be promotional art, a scan of the box cover or a captured image from the Anime itself;
  • Cover as many bases as possible, Story, Voice acting, Animation, soundtrack, etc...;
  • If you are reviewing a DVD release, mention the DVD extras, and compare the dubbed track to the subbed track;
  • DVD reviews are preferred;
  • It's very easy to make statements "The animation rocks", try backing up your statements with examples or explanations;
  • If we return your review without posting it, it doesn't mean the review is bad, read our comments.

This month (May, 2001) ANN is requesting reviews of Manga instead of Anime. Any Anime reviews received will be posted as they are received, but will only be eligible for the June Review contest.

When reviewing Manga series, please base the review on at least 6 comic-book style issues. Reviews of Trade Paper Backs and Full series are preferred.

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