Kannagi Fan-Art Contest

This contest is over! See the entries & winners here

The goddess Nagi has arrived and wants you to worship her!

Like any deity, Nagi's long term cultural importance will be judged in part by the quality and quantity of art-work created in her honor.

So Nagi has commissioned Anime News Network to arrange an art contest. What Nagi is looking for is original and unique art that exhibits her majesty for all to see.

In return for your efforts, Nagi and Anime News Network will display all submitted artwork on AnimeNewsNetwork.com, and with Nagi's guidance, we will also pick the best pieces of artwork and the creators will receive the following prize packs:

  • Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens DVD Set one;
  • Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens DVD Set two;
  • Signed Shikishi with Nagi sketch by Kannagi director, Yutaka Yamamoto, for the best Nagi entry;
  • Signed Shikishi with Zange-chansketch by Kannagi director, Yutaka Yamamoto, for the best Zange-chan entry;
  • And even more additional great gifts that will be announced shortly.
    Trust us, they're really good prizes, we're just waiting for confirmation

Nagi Shikishi

Zange-chan Shikishi

Here's what you need to do to win. Create an original piece of Kannagi art (Nagi has grudgingly agreed to allow artwork of Zange-chan and others as well), upload it to your favorite online art-gallery (ie: DeviantArt), or your personal web-page, and then submit the URL below, along with the necessary details below.

There is a caveat in regards to the artwork however. In order to make absolutely certain that your submission is original, and created for this contest, you must include the Anime News Network and Bandai Entertainment logo in the artwork. Be original and integrate them into the art in some way (example logos below).

As a bonus, Nagi's sister, Zange-chan, has agreed to forgo her usual 100 yen fee for taking confessions for anyone who enters this contest. But be warned, Zange-chan doesn't agree with the Vatican's confidentiality policy... she might blab.

All art entries will be posted on ANN between September 21 and September 23d. The 5 artist winners will be selected by ANN staff and will be announced at the New York Anime Festival Kanagi Panel on Saturday at 13:30, and posted on Anime News Network on Sunday. By submitting your art, you give Anime News Network the non-exclusive right to copy the art and display it on AnimeNewsNetwork.com in perpetuity, even if you don't win. Each artist winner will receive a copy of Kannagi volume 1, a copy of Kannagi volume 2, and additional special prizes.

The 5 random winners will be picked at random from whomever entered, but did not win as an artist entry, and will be announced on September 24th. You do not need to submit fan-art to be eligible for the random draw, but you will still be eligible if you do. Each random winner will receive one copy of Kannagi volume 1.

Watch Kannagi Episode 1

Watch the first six episodes.

Entry deadline is September 20th 23:59 ET, so get cracking.


E-mail address:

Mailing address: (where to send the prize)

URL to your entry (leave blank for a random entry):

Your confession (optional):

Double-check your answers and then:

If you wish to submit more that one fan-art entry, e-mail additional entries to editor (at animenewsnetwork.com) with the subject line "Kannagi entry". The subject line must be exactly "Kannagi entry" - any deviation or addition to this will result in your entry being discarded. Include in the body of the e-mail all the information that would otherwise be submitted in the above form (name, e-mail address, mailing address, url to your entry). Do not include any attachments or any additional information. Your first entry must be with this form. Additional e-mail entries will not result in additional chances to win the random draw.

Contest sponsored by Bandai Entertainment, INC.

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