Sands of Destruction Give-Away

SEGA and FUNimation are joining forces to bring you the Sands of Destruction Destroy the World Giveaway. Two lucky anime fans will receive:

  • 1 Sands of Destruction DVD
  • 1 Sands of Destruction Nintendo DS Game
  • 1 Set of Sands of Destruction Wristbands

Morte is a lonely beauty with an axe to grind and a grudge against the world. Her brother died in the war between men and beasts, and now, she's out to make everyone pay for her loss. That's where Kyrie comes in. This wandering cook may hold the key to unlocking the Destruct Code: a mysterious orb capable of eradicating everything in existence. The fate of the planet hangs in the balance, but these heroes would rather destroy the world than save it.

Join the team and destroy the world or check out the game at


E-mail address:

Complete Mailing address: (where to send the prize)

Entries with incomplete mailing addresses will be disqualified.

No PO Boxes (Military PO Boxes (APO/AFO/CFPO) are OK).

Your address should look something like this:

416 William St. #402
Moralton, SS 70707

As long as it's good enough for USPS, it's good enough for us (now stop asking us).

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Double-check your answers and then:
Deadline 2010-03-10 at 23:59 EST

Winners: Isaac Henry, Ontario Humberto Lopez, Ohio

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