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Supernatural Anime DVD Give-Away - Entered

Thanks for Entering

Winners will be announced on July 28

Check out the Supernatural Anime Trailer

The otherworldly TV phenomenon that is Supernatural makes history entering another world: as the first-ever live-action television show to be reimagined as an animé series. The internationally acclaimed animation powerhouse Madhouse Studios produces the show with the blessing of original series creator Eric Kripke. With storylines mirroring Supernatural's first two seasons plus supplemental tales derived from prequels and spinoffs, this 3-Disc, 22-Episode Collection expands the dimensions of the familiar Winchester mythology. Journey down the backroads of America with brothers Sam and Dean as they search for clues to their father's disappearance, hunt down the supernatural in all its unearthly forms and enter into the unexpected mystery of their destinies – in vibrant, exciting anime.

Special Features:
• The Making of Supernatural: The Anime Series 2-Part Featurette
• Interviews with Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Series Creator Eric Kripke, Directors Shigeyuki Miya and Atsuko Ishizuka and Voice
• Actors Hiroki Touchi and Yūya Uchida
• Episode Introductions by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
• Trailers and TV Spots

Additional information about the DVD Release and the Blu Ray Release can be found in the Encyclopedia.

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