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ACen 2001: Scott Frazier

by George Phillips,
Scott Frazier: I'm Japanese!

The venerable Scott Frazier, first American to work in Anime production in Japan, held a panel late Friday night in which he shared his life story.

Filling in details left out from his bio on his personal website he recreated his long and grueling trip from American fanboy to owner of his own animation company and shared a little about his current line of work. For a good summary of most of what Scott talked about, please visit his website and click on "My odd life story".

Some of the titles Scott assisted in animation, backgrounds, or production included Lodoss Wars OVA, the Yawara! TV series, and Disney's Darkwing Duck.

He said the background painters he worked with preferred Japanese anime because the company allowed for more interpretation, while American companies wanted specific styles, tones, and settings.

His latest work is a science fiction title aimed at 9-18 year olds. Although he couldn't disclose many details, he said it features kids prominently and will be encoded in 16:9 HDTV. The list of production staff is supposedly impressive, although again Scott was unable to provide names due to contract negotiations with several television companies.

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