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Pioneer Entertainment

The Pioneer representative is "pretty sure" it will acquire the rights to the second season of Mahoromatic, entitled Something More Beautiful. Other releases in the upcoming months include the Sakura Wars and Patlabor III movies and a DTS version of Akira, to be released in December at a $24.95 MSRP.

In addition, in connection with the 10th anniversary of Pioneer Animation, several back catalog titles will be released on DVD, including Magical Project S (released as two 2-disk volumes and 13 episodes per volume; each volume will also include a limited-edition mini-pencilboard.) A Hand Maid May box set will also be released, with extras including an action figure and information CD. The extras and empty box will be available for purchase as well.

Pioneer currently only has the rights to the Lupin III TV series, not any of the movies or OVA's, and does *NOT* have the rights to Witch Hunter Robin, despite rumors to the contrary.

As the Pioneer rep showed a set of preview clips, before he was able to stop the tape, a few seconds of what looked like another Slayers movie slipped through. We were apparently not supposed to ever notice they existed. Treat this bit as you will.

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