Anime Boston 2003
Synch Point

by Mikhail Koulikov & Bamboo Dong,
Studio Represenative: Saki Yamashita

After a description of the nature of the business relationship between Broccoli International, Anime Gamers and Synch-Point, the studio representative announced that two new titles have been licensed. These are:

The Di Gi Charat Movie (30 minutes; will be released together with a special TV episode)
Leave it to Piyoko! (six-episode series)

Extensive comments were also made regarding Synch-Point's two current properties (FLCL and I'm Gonna Be An Angel).

FLCL volume 3 is expected to be released on July 22. Extras will include a reversible cover using the image from the sixth Region 2 volume, extensive interviews and information items, the manga sequence from Episode 6, and three different versions of the ending (standard, episode 6, and director's edit special). Both a standard version and a Limited Edition will be released, at MSRP's of respectively $29.95 and $34.95; the latter will also include a box.

Tenshi ni Narumon/I'm Gonna Be An Angel volume 2 (5 episodes) will be released one to two months after the completion of FLCL. Whereas the first volume included both a standard subtitle track and a "fansub version" (honorifics and various similar items not translated), only the "fansub" will be kept on the second volume.

The representative also commented that while Japanese companies approached Synch-Point with offers of licensing other series, the company would rather concentrate on completing release of its current properties before any further licensing agreements are made

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